Nagusami Re-sizeable Color Change Bedroom With Seating/Laying Animations by Zen Creations

Nagusami Bedroom-Seating Menu Version_003I have always had a thing for Asian Furniture and was happy as apple pie when I saw the beauty of Nagusami Bedroom by Zen Creations. The bedroom set comes in 3 different versions, Classic Plus, Pg, and BDSM. When I was in my felt so tranquil! You can change the color simply by typing in local chat /58 and the color…how simple is that!  The latterns and standing lamp are touch to turn on.  The menus for the bed and exercise mat is very good and very realistic. The transitions from pose to pose was smooth and not jerky at all. That shows that this set has first class animations, but I wouldn’t have expected anything but as I personally can say how great their animations are as I have several of their beautiful sets that I have purchased over time and still use!

The Nagusami set comes with all that you see. This particular set Nagusami Re-sizeable Color Change Bedroom (with seating/laying animations) is on PROMOTION promotion for 50L. Can you believe that ONLY 50L!!!!!

Some information about this exquisite set

This is the “Seating/Laying Menu Only Promotion Version” of this furniture set. This set, and all our sets are available for 899L with full couple/etc. menus. See related items below to purchase.

Set includes:

*All Zen furniture have re-sizer menus*

-1 Bed (with 18 solo animations. Sits, lays, reads, etc. 2 avatars can pose at the same time however there are no couple animations in this version) 10 prims each bed
-Night table (mesh), 1 prim
-Standing lamp (mesh), 1 prim
-Branches, 2 prims
-Exercise rug (mesh) with 9 exercise animations, 2 prims
-Hanging lantern, three lighting levels, 2 prims
-Art work, 1 prim

Total for this set: 19 prims

Bonus items included below (extra prims in addition to that listed above)

– Complimentary wood floor, 1 prim
– 2 Complimentary themed walls, 1 prim each

Some of the items in this set change color. Please refer to color swatch photo above. Items that change color: folded bed blanket, bed pillows, night table, standing lamp & themed wall

Check out the matching Nagusami Sets:

– Nagusami Livingroom
– Nagusami Tub Room
– Nagusami Tea Room

At Zen Creations their customer care is Second to None. They want you to be 100% happy with your purchase. All questions before and after purchase will be answered promptly.


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