The Cozy Corner By Zen Creations

Cozy Corner By Zen CreatIons Now which one of you do not enjoy from time to time a quiet evening conversing with loved ones, friends, or just by yourself in front of the fireplace? The Cozy Corner by Zen Creations can help you to enjoy such evenings creating new memories or talking of old ones.

The Corner Set includes:

– Rocking Chair with 4 animations, 9 prims
– Fireplace with fire that turns on/off and 2 animations, 9 prims
– Log holder with logs, 9 prims
– Rug, 1 prim
– Candles in holder, 3 prims each
– Standing frames, 3 prims each

You can light the logs by clicking on them….makes a very cozy fire. When you sit in the rocker, by clicking the seat cushions you can bring up the menu that gives you for choices for sitting and by clicking the rung of the rocker, you can start the chair rocking. When you click the hearth of the fireplace and sit a menu of 2 choices will come up for you to warm your hands standing or kneeling. Such an awesome set! You know what…this is on promo for 39L!!!! So much for so little. Zen Creations does an amazing job with their designs, among the best in second life! Hurry and get this while you still can at the promo price of 39L!



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