sHouse Large Shop #002 By Shoreman DESIGN

sHouse Large Shop

sHouse Large Shop center staircase

sHouse Large Shop Upstairs

Those of you who need more space than the Sanremo, here’s another fantastic Shop by Shoreman DESIGN that’s larger and my personal favorite! The Large Shop, as that is the name of the shop, is very spacious and has a split staircase centered as you enter the store, allowing for better traffic flow to the upstairs. The upstairs is certainly not lacking for space as you can see! Once again this is a store that can be use for other functions and activities as you see fit, with a style and charm thats stands on it’s on!

60 prims needed available to rez structure (includes extras).
• 56 Prims (store only).
• Shoreman DESIGN signs and the “rainwater rim” on ground are separate objects.
• 32×32 meter footprint (“rainwater rim” 34×34 meter).
• 2×900 spm (1800 sqm) shop area.
• 6 scripts (rezzer and update scripts) [192K] less than [0.001 ms] (extreme low lag but scripts can be deleted).
• All original Shoreman DESIGN
• This build is meant to be a medium size shop suitable for medium size parcels or market spots. It is an all Shoreman DESIGN original (sculpties and textures) but it is modifiable to change textures and colors to fit.

V1.0 is delivered in a rez-box. The rez-box is phantom and can be set to transparent by local chat command “/11 hiderez” and made visible with command “/11 showrez”.


sHouse Large Shop #002 By Shoreman DESIGN


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