sHouse Mini Shop #002 “Sanremo by Shoreman DESIGN

sHouse MiniShop 2 Sanremov1.1_001

sHouse MiniShop 2 Sanremov1.1_002

I had the pleasure and honor of meeting Mac Shoreman, of Shoreman DESIGN and his creations were phenomenal!!! He is a modest and humble designer whose talent is amazing and as each creation was shown to us….I was blown away! Truly a very gifted man!!!!  If you are in the market for a small store, a meetng place, a club house, a bar…the list is limitless for its uses, The Sanremo is for you. The footprint is 15×15 m (225 SQM) and the prims 26 with doors, 22 without, 21 sculpted prims. This build is mainly made from sculpted prims to save prims but still have a sophisticated look as you can see.

The shop is modifiable and copy so you can change textures and modify the building as you please. The shop is based on sculpted modules. The front parts are made to fit every 5th meter and the back and sides is made to fit every 15th meter. sHouse/Shoreman DESIGN do not support customer modifications. The doors are pure decoration and without them the build is only 22 prims. Shoreman DESIGN sign and “birdhand-S” symbol are softlinked (3 prims) and only serve as decor examples.

V1.1 is delivered in a rez-box. The rez-box is phantom and can be set to transparent by local chat command “/11 hiderez” and made visible with command “/11 showrez”. The price you ask…only 175L!

Sanremo by Shoreman DESIGN


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