Silken Moon Eyes My Secret 60L Sale

Silken Moon  60L Secret Sale Sea Lake Eyes_002

Silken Moon  60L Secret Sale Sea Eyes Non Silken


Hey all you salenistas, fashionistas, guynistas, and any who love saving money while getting fabulous goods! Silken Moon has eyes for this week 60L Sale! Eyes are like shoes…they come in pairs and you can never have too many…lool! There are 5 packs of eyes, with 2 colours each. Each eye pack is 60L and contains System, Mesh, Prim, and Tiny Eyes. I have shown how they look both in Silken January Group Gift Skin, Eclipse Bisque Happy New Year and in a non Silken Skin. I am wearing Sea in each picture and am a major babe in both…smiling! Head over to Silken Moon and join the group and received this gorgeous Silken Skin I am wearing. New Year….new beginnngs, start by making Silken Moon your new beauty headquarters!

Photographer and Model….me
SM Eclipse January Group Skin Bisque Happy New Year
Silken Moon Eyes Sea-My Secret 60L Sale


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