The Power Of Red

Azul  Laetitia GarnetWhen a beautiful woman approaches you from the light of a ruin…can you resist her charms? When the beautiful woman is wearing Laetitia by Azul….my money on the woman!!! Red is the color of power…..the color of love…..the color of sex!!! Laetitia in garnet embodies all of that and more! The shape of the gown is flattering to every woman. The gown has the most elegant and at the same time sexiest jacket trimmed in gold edging that shaped like a harem top that reminiscent of the 1930s when women dressed like women and movie stars were glamorous! This dress puts you in that frame of mind…Oozing  major sex appeal!!!! The shaped skirt of the gown shows off, very well, your dangerous curves and then narrows and billows down into layers of silk that punctuates each step you that you cannot help but to be noticed as you saunter across the room. Be daring, be different….wear Azul Laetitia and be the femme fatale you were made to be!

Photographer and Model….me
Laetitia, garnet by Azul
Emo-tions Tyra Hair


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