EATme Bakery Frosted Forrest Cake and Services

 EATme Frosted Forrest Cake

EATME Frosted Forrest Cake

Let them eat cake… who said that, laughing??? This amazing Frosted Forrest cake is good enough to cause a revolution….so finger licking good! When just any cake wont do and you want a special cake, to commemorate a birthday, celebrate a wedding, a rez day, or just because, make EATme your one stop shopping for everything custom and great food! Ambrose Steampunk is a very talented baker and chef…if you can imagine it, he can make it! When you want to be known as the hostess with the mostest or wish you could have something for your event that no one else has? Well….then why not order your very own custom cake or food!

The Eat Me Bakery is proud to offer custom virtual edibles and catering services in addition to the everyday goodies and fare that they have! Why have the headache of planning a great party when you can hire EATme Bakery to do it for you while you just sit back and enjoy your guests!

For ordering or for more information on pricing, garnish availabilities, custom orders, and catering, please contact Ambrose Steampunk. He also does tablescapes!!!!

psSt, looking around and whispering…….he just put up a Midnght Maddness Board which needs 75 slaps for everyone to win the most awesome Coco Bar…everyone wins!!! Great entertainment for this time of year too! Just needs 75 slaps! Check my blog for a picture of it from a past post.

EATme Bakery Proprietor, Ambrose Steampunk


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