The L’aize Dayz Fab4 Fantastic Deal

LD Modern Desk Mesh_003

LD Modern Desk Mesh_002

The Fab4 event is an event hosted the Home and Garden Market Group where the phenomenal Home and Garden designers release new or updated items for only 40L each for 4 days!!! Yes i said 40L!!!!

The event started today, January 11th and will run through to Monday the 15th. One of the amazing offering from an awesome and talented woman, owner of L’aize Dayz, Heavenly Villa, is the Modern Desk Set. This really sleek desk puts you in the mind of that wonderfully sleek retro furniture from the 70s from such designers as mid-century Modern Peter Protzman Zebrawood. The desk comes with accessories, such as a laptop and a wearable phone handle….all for 40L!!!!!

The mesh desk is 14 prims and the mesh chair is 2 prims. The chair has 9 animations with a variety of cute desk animations. The tablet has a variety of textures for pictures.

So head over to the Fab4 Event and see all that is being offerred….all for 40L! Tuesday the Modern Desk Set will be the regular price of 175L.

The Fab4 is a regular event that is held every 2 weeks at the Home and Garden Market…see ya there!


LD Modern Desk Set Mesh by L’aize Dayz


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