The Stuff Of Legends

AZUL Shinobu GownFrom the annals of time comes a woman whose legendary skills and talent are synonymous with beauty, love, and the irresistible attraction of the female form. Whose personal grace and beauty shines upon any world and transcend time.  She brings all that she is into all that embodies woman to be the eternal enchantress.  She can travel from past to present and leave you breathless!  Who is this paragon you ask….why, Mami Jewell is thine self called!

She has put the very essence of timelessness, beauty, and all that’s feminine into a gown fit for a beautiful Miss MVW Contestant! i present to you Shinobu worn in the Miss MVW Pageant by Miss Japan.

The gown is exquisite. You can see from the gown where elements have been drawn from the past of long ago…the flowing sleeves of an ancient kimono…so tranparent and as light as a spunned spider web. The shape of the gown will display your body as a woman should be revealed and the movement she has weaved into the gown will move you as if you were as graceful as a geisha. it looks very elegant and flowing when you move about!

You deserve this gown….go today and become the stuff of legends when you wear Shinobu!

Photographer and model…me

Shinobu Gown, Champagne by Mami Jewell, AZUL
Hanami Headpiece by Glam


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