Confident Woman

ZE Lialah Sapphire Gown When a woman is confident in her beauty and her poise, she is fierce, she is strong. As she chooses to adorn her body, She wears the dress and the dress does not wear her! Men look for her…women look at her. When you wear Lialah in Sapphire by Zanze, you will feel like such a woman. Lialah is a bold sapphire gown in the ombre style of coloring. There are gradual layers of black, grey, and dark blue that melds itself into the sapphire blue. The gown at the hip has a jagged gradual 2 layer draping that goes around to the back and drops down slightly below the butt. The gown has a sweetheart bodice that compliments any bust line.

i am so fierce in this gown that i need no accessories other than a hat and gloves. When i walk into a room with Lialah on you will notice me!

Photographer and model….me
Lialah in Sapphire by Zanze


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