The Little Black Dress….NOT!

Demise of Flight Baroque Mini Dress PewterWhen you wear clothes for a living people often ask what do you wear when you go out. When my man says let hit the clubs, i want to look good first and foremost but be comfortable. Others reach for the little black dress….not me!This deceptively simple looking dress packs a major punch! The dress drapes all in the right places accenting, very well, my upper assets lool! The fit of this hugs more curves than any indy 500 race! I look utterly sexy….desirable in my Demise of Flight Baroque Mesh Mini Dress. This dress has garnered more compliments than any little black dress that I own! The dress color is pewter and comes in many colors and has a subtle lace netting and flower textured background. This dress is so chic and very easy to wear. It drapes slightly at the waist. You can dress it up or wear as is and be sexy as all heck!!! You will love how you look in it and the compliments you are going to receive wearing this dress! Head on over to Demise of Flight and pick up this little sexy number!

Photographer and Model….me
Baroque Mini Mesh Dress by Demise of Flight
Diktator Dare Shoes
Donna Flora BlackPool


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