Miss Turkey, Miss Virtual World 2013 Evening Gown – Tres Beau by Kimmera Madison

Tres Beau MVW Gown MissTurkey 2013I like so many of us was glued to the screen watching the Miss Virtual World Pageant. Among the sea of beautiful ladies and their phenomenal dresses, some stood out more to each of us personally. One such confection of a dream, that spoke to me, was the evening dress of Miss Turkey, Nice Wildrose. The dress is a master piece that if were a painting would hang in the Louvre! The sheer artistry of the design takes your breath away. The exquisite lace appliqué overlay of the gown and the hue of color of the small jewels that has been placed in the fabric compliments the color of that amazing flounce skirt of which makes you appear to be floating upon a cloud of sheer silk. The gown is utterly astounding and will make any woman feel like a queen! The Master Couturier behind this fantasy of a gown, is none other than the fabulous, glamorous, ultra talented Kimmera Madison!

Photographer and Model..me
Miss Nice Wildrose
Miss Turkey, Miss Virtual World 2013
Partial Mesh Evening Gown-Tres Beau by Kimmera Madison
Osiris Headpiece by Dona Flora


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  1. Thank you so much ❤

    January 20, 2013 at 8:58 am

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