Tunika by Baboom

Baboom Tunika Black Among Baboom recently released is a gem called Tunika. It is a playful yet sexy casual pairing of a tunic and leggings. Tunika comes in several colors…I am in the black. I like her blending of the black background with the gray which draws your eyes to the top. Tunika has a strapless bodice with a hem length that goes a little pass mid-thigh with an uneven edge that staggers into different lengths that which adds interest and movement to the top. Also Tunika comes with a pair of black leggings. Baboom clothing always have built-in versatility. Tunika top is one of those that with a change of accessories maybe even a bolero/jacket would look fantastic also as a dress! The leggings can be paired with many other things as well doubling your use for Tunika! Come on over to Baboom and check out all of her new releases and pick this up too!

Photographer and Model…me
Tunika Black by Baboom



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