SM Eclipse Bousee Casual Natural Skin

SM Bousee MA Shot 1_012 redo 2

SM Bousee MA Shot face red 1

From the age of decadence, chivalry, and courtly manners, I am the beautiful and deliciously wicked, Alex, Duchesse St. Pierre. Having married the old Duke, she gasps, he had the NERVE to die leaving me penniless in a man’s world. I love the 18th century courtly romances and intrigues from history! Silken Moon skin Bousee from the Eclipse Line, has the perfect look for such a diorama as I had fun to present to you here. The skin can be customized with various add on makeup and look just exquisite on. The skin has an unlimited range of looks that you can create that can take you to the past or to a future look, only limited by your imagination! if you are looking for a unique face that you wont see everywhere, that’s gorgeous, totally customizable, and affordable, make your way to Silken Moon. The awesome pose that I am using was made by a phenomenal creator, designer, and a very nice and fun lady, Kay Weston, Image Essentials

Photographer and Model…me
Skin SM Eclipse Bousee Casual Natural Skin
SM Garnet Lipstick
Baroque Bird Cage Hat by Boudoir
Skin Pose by Kay Weston, Image Essentials


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