The Abyss by MEA CULPEA

      Mea Culpa Abyss 1

Mea Culpa Abyss_007 redo2

Mea Culpa Abyss 6

Mea Culpa Abyss   3

Mea Culpa Abyss  4

Mea Culpa Abyss 5

Mea Culpa Abyss 7

From what dark hole in time did she crawl out of? Why is she here? What is she…who is she?

As she walks into the distance future smoking her trade mark long black stem cigarette holder, she looks about her. Her black leather clad body suit molding her curves none worse for the wear. The cut outs on her chest, hips, back, and buttocks alluding to the very white skin that lays beneath as she moves with cat-like quickness passed the portal that has just dropped her into this world. Her shoulders accented by black rosette  puffs that draws attention to the purple laced up closure that she absently touches knowing that it is perfectly laced. The six buckles on each of her cuffs, briefly catching the brightness of the light she just passed from. Strumming her long sharp talon like red nails along her leather covered thigh as she walks and gains her bearings…as if she just awaken from a long sleep. She stretches and feels the weight of her goggles and horn rimmed chained hat and thinks time travel is a real butt kicker!   As she continues to walk her long accent chains on either side of her sways with each movement of her hips.  Says outloud to nobdy… Where in hell am i!

Boys and girls, ladies and gents, and all who have yet to decide, I present to you…..The Abyss by MEA CULPEA

Photographer and mdoel….me
The Abyss Outfit by MEA CULPEA
Black Patent Leather Boots by Bax


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