Silken Moon My 60L Secret Sale

60L SECRET SALE_014 redo 2



It’s that time of week…The Silken Moon My 60L Secret Sale!!! This week features are SM Eclipse Eye Basics and SM Eclipse Cheek Basics. They are 60L each.

The Eye Basics includes the Smokey Base Layer, Prime Liner for Mesh Lashes, Alpha Lash Hider and Tattoo Lashes for those who do not care to adjust prim lashes.

The Cheek Basics includes the Cheek Definer and Thank you Sir and Yes, Yes, Yeees Blushes. These add more expression to your face and the names are hints and are really cute….lool!

Someone had contacted me and we had a very excellent conversation about my blog…people not having money now to buy expensive things, wanting to look different, changes, etc., and that got me to thinking about those who cannot afford to buy new skins but want a new look through new affordable makeup. I have applied this week sale makeup over a Silken Moon Skin and a non silken moon older skIn that has makeup on to show that effect.  I also used an older hair too.  I used the same makeup on both. Thank you Sir Blush, smokey base layer, Flash you Lash, alpha lash hider and SM Rosequartz lipstick. Both skins are beautiful!

Photographer and model….me
SM Eclipse Bousee Casual Natural Skin
SM Eclipse Eye Basics and Cheek Basics
SM Formal Rosequartz Lipstick


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