New Peacock Releases and Group Gift From AtiXx

AtiXit Peacock Vase

Primtique Electric Mesh Mixer_003

Among this month releases from AtiXx she brings you…..the Peacocks! At AtiXx this magnificent bird reigns supreme in the form of a sofa, a lamp, a vase and a group gift of an open book of Love with a love sentiment on the next page. I created a small reading nook. You must agree that the Peacock Vase is lovely and brings to life my table on my on my outdoor reading area. The lamp has the wonderful feathers of the Peacock as a light shade covering a single bulb and a base that you can change the color. The sofa is regally colored as the peacock itself with a gold diamond pattern covering the chair.

Come to AtiXx and see these and her other amazing designs!

AtiXx Peacock Sofa, Lamp, Vase, and Open Love Book Group Gift


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