PrimTique Fab4 40L Electric Mesh Mixer Stand

Primtique Electric Mesh Mixer_001

Primtique Electric Mesh Mixer Stand Advert -Honey Lustre

Yes…you read right…a Mesh Mixer for 40L!!!!! This mixer is the most amazing mixer I have ever seen!!! You can plug it into your wall and touch the bowl to watch it mix!  It is the most realistic looking mixer and just like your rl one…does not take up a lot space but will have an honored spot on your counter as it looks too good to be put away!!!

Some information about the mixer

PrimTique Electric Mesh Mixer Stand is based on a rl model with high quality realistic looking features. The Mixer will be a perfect addition to any Kitchen and with its “color changing menu” this Mixer will fit in with any decor style. Simply “Touch” the Mixer and choose any color on the Menu.


-No Mod, No Copy, Transfer
-10 Prims
-Jessikiti’s scripted color menu -“touch” mixer to get menu..
-Mixing Bowl rotates slowly and can be turned on/off by “Touch”.
-Beaters rotate and can be turned on/off by “Touch”.
-Plug and Outlet to give “realism” effect.

all this for 40L!!!!!

The Fab4 event is an event hosted the Home and Garden Market Group where the phenomenal Home and Garden designers release new or updated items for only 40L each for 4 days!!! Starting this Friday January 25th through Monday, January 28th. Tuesday this awesome mixer and all the Fab4 items goes back to their regular prices.

Photograher…PrimTique-Honey Lustre

 PrimTique Fab4 40L Electric Mesh Mixer Stand by Honey Lustre, PrimTique Designer

PrimTique Designer ( once aka Lustre Designs)
Kids Korner Designer
Home & Garden Market Co-Owner


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