Azul MVW 2013 Miss USA Gown

Azul imaniEnzo MVW2013 Miss USA Pearl As she stands before the picture, Waiting for the Masquerade, of course, gorgeously masked, she thinks to herself why does she hide behind the mask and wonders what will people think she was hiding? Was she concealing an ugliness or a beauty, a brain or empty head? Why do we mask ourselves, why do we hide?

This years gowns from the Miss Virtual World 2013 was one gown gasm after another! One that has made my favorite list was the exquisite gown of Miss USA, Imani Enzo. The gown was a walking dream! I have the gown in Pearl, but is available in several colors. The feathery attachments at the top of the shoulders have trailing wisps of chiffon that billows behind. The feathers continue on an angle down the front from below the stomach unto just below the lower leg of the skirt. You appear to be walking upon a cloud of chiffon. The gown is utterly feminine and showcases a woman the way she should be!

Photographer and Model…me

MVW 2013 Imani Enzo Gown by Azul
Courtesan White Mask
Lightstar Color Changeable Gloves


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