Kaerri New Release-The Boo Furniture Set

Kaerri Boo Furniture

Kaerri Boo Furniture

Kaerri Boo Furniture

Kaerri Boo Furniture_005 redo1

Dont you just love seeing new releases? Well…Kaerri has introduce today the Boo Set! it’s a modern set that combines brown and lilac hues. The set is kicking! The room is complete…all you have to do is arrange the furniture! The Brown Boo Goetz Couch has an accent pillow that a graphic design of rusty orange, black, and white. The couch itself is a warm brown and has a 7 pose menu. There are 2 round brown tables..side and the coffee tables. The touch lamp is in a complimentary tanish sand color. Love that shape! The accent chairs are lilac with a brown back and seat cover pipe trimmed in gray with a 7 pose menu as well. The woven area rug is also a shade of lilac. i just love this color scheme. This awesome set also comes with a detailed fireplace! A fireplace adds so much to the ambience of a room and makes the set that much more amazing! Also included for accessories are picture frames for you place your favorite people in, fruit bowl, a decorative bowl, a mantle picture, and curtains! A complete gorgeous room of furniture!

Why not stop by Kaerri today and see this and all of her fantastic furnishngs..you will not be disappointed in the excellent degree of workmanship, design or price!

The Boo Furniture Set by Kaerri



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