Velocity Little Monsters Strapless Mini Dresses


Velocity When Lambs Fly Strapless Mini Mesh Dress_004 redo1

Velocity Red Emperor Strapless Mini Mesh Dress_001 redo3

Velocity Fur Ball Strapless Mini Mesh Dress_003 redo2

Velocity Monster Ball Strapless Mini Mesh Dress_002 redo 4

I love finding new designers and Velocity’s Little Monsters Strapless Mini Dresses show imagination, fun, and color!!! The collection consists of 4 mini mesh dresses. The dresses are aptly Each has a particular monster that brings a colorful presence to the dress. There is Fur Ball, Monster Ball, Lambs Fly, and Red Emperor. The dresses are only 100L each or the fat pack for only 350L for all four. They are unique and will definitely be noticed when you wear them!

The designs are whimsical, funky, upbeat, and will bring a smile to your face. They can be paired with leggings, jackets, sweaters or just worn as is for an artsy avant-garde look. They are so cute!!! I look forward to this new dress designer future creations!

Photographer and Model…me
Little Monster Strapless Mini Mesh Dresses by Velocity


One response

  1. you styled these perfectly! Gave me a huge smile! ❤

    February 1, 2013 at 8:51 am

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