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FINESMITH- Paulinha’s Miss UK MVW Jewelry Set For Fashion Limited March

FineSmith MVW Jewelry Fashion Ltd March Round_001r1

FineSmith MVW Jewelry Fashion Ltd March Round_008 r1

Fashion Limited.

FineSmith Paulinha’s Miss UK MVW Jewelry Set for the March Round for Fashion Limited  is in one word…AMAZING!!! This very unique set was made for Miss Uk MVW 2012, Paulinha Lefevre! The set consists of the necklace, earrings, and bracelet. The combination of the black and gold beads and the little black bows are so flattering that I can’t think of anyone who wouldn’t look fabulous in this set!!! The versatility of the jewelry set is such that it can be worn casually or formally.  Smiling, if you are like me can also be worn just alone to greet your special someone at the door!

This will be available during the march round for Fashion Limited.

Photographer and model…me
Fashion Limited Logo….Fashion Limited
FINESMITH- Paulinha’s Miss UK MVW Jewelry Set

Vero Modero Siyah Fur Coat Set

Vero Modero Siyah Fur Coat Set_007 r2Vero Modero has set the standard of luxury and extravagance very high that is just hard to beat with the Siyah Fur Coat Set. The Chinchilla fur looks amazing and just screams haute couture! It comes with a black Rocco Skirt and matching fur gloves. The set pieces are easily paired with other items in your wardrobe for other very unique looks.

Fur looks are trending very heavily this season and with Vero Modero Siyah Fur Coat Set, you will be elegantly and stylishly in vogue for the season!

Photographer and model…me
Siyah Fur Coat Set by Vero Modero
Kyoot La Couronne de la Reine Noir Crown
N-Core Ultraplatform Shoes Yellow
Chop Zuey Panttone Bracelet

Fashion For Life Press Release

FFL ADEvery year, hundreds of people in Second Life ™ give their time, creativity and money to help raise funds and awareness on behalf of the ‘American Cancer Society’ at FASHION FOR LIFE.

This year from March 9th – 17th, an incredible 9 sims built by some of the grids best artists and builders will open to the public based on the theme of ‘The Seven Ancient Wonders of the World.’

But it’s not only the very best fashion you can expect to see this year but also dazzling art, beautiful buildings and a schedule of live events and fashion shows produced by SL’s top fashion agencies!



▪ Great Pyramid of Giza – Built by Thoth Jantzen – Sponsored by Chop Zuey Couture and Jewellery

▪ Hanging Gardens of Babylon – Built by Patch Thibaud – Sponsored by Tres Beau Designs in honor of loved ones lost.

▪ Statue of Zeus at Olympia – Built by KarlinJames Zepp – Sponsored by Sonatta Morales *8* Vintage Couture

▪ Temple of Artemis at Ephesus – Built by nexuno Thespian – Sponsored by Leri Miles Designs, Quality mesh fashion for men and women.

▪ Mausoleum at Halicarnassus – Built by Kaya Angel – Sponsored by LAZURI

▪ Colossus of Rhodes – Built by Rebeca Bashly – Sponsored by .:EMO-tions:.

▪ Lighthouse of Alexandria – Built by Bryn Oh – Sponsored by [sYs] Design

▪ FASHION FOR LIFE – Built by Eshi Otawara – sponsored by Miss Mundo Virtual Organization

▪ FFL Event Sim – Built by Eshi Otawara – Sponsored by Christianraven Resident

▪ Tjake Kearny

▪ Giz Seorn



The week will also host a schedule of live entertainment, music and catwalk events and each scheduled fashion show will reveal different outfits from the all new ‘Fashion for Life 2013’ collection.




▪10:00 AM SLT – FASHION SHOW – Produced by: KV Dream Agency


▪4:00 PM SLT – FASHION SHOW – Produced by SOLO EVANE


▪4:00 PM SLT – FASHION SHOW – Produced by AVENUE


▪4:00 PM SLT- FASHION SHOW – Produced by Elegance Agency





▪12:00 PM SLT – CHANGHIGH SISTERS FIRESHOW of Light, Life and Love







*BOSL Radio will also stream across all 9 sims in partnership with SL club ‘The Velvet’.

* There will be a public ‘BEST FFL PHOTO CONTEST’ for the duration of this event. The winner will receive items from participating FFL designers.


Neiva Kumasi Modeling Agency Grand Re-Opening Fashion Show

grand opening flyer

My Persnickity Show House – Part 3 Entry and Dining Area

Pet Show House Sitting Area_004

Pet Show House Sitting Area_003

Persnickity Farmhouse Table and Chairs_002

Welcome to My Persnickity Show House Part 3…come on in!!! When you enter the house your eyes are treated to vast array of comforting complimentary colors that just flows one into the other. I don’t know about you, when I get home..I need someplace to flop and not in the living room…thats too far to

Just inside the front door you are greeted by a hatted Aqua mannequin stand and a round shabby table to throw the keys and purse upon and hopefully see the mail on. Above that is one of my favorite pictures of Texture Changing Wall Art in the house called dream and has a lovely love poem on it that I enjoy reading each day I enter the house! To the side of the table and on the other side, there’s a small white wicker planter of flowers that adds even more color to the area and to the entry door that goes to the Garden Room. They make me smile even when I feel grumpy! The Strung Lamp Blue on the table makes that area, when its dark out, glow with a warm and welcoming cast of light.

On the other side of the Garden Room Entry Door you see the sitting area. I believe a home should have many areas for sitting! It encourages conversations and impromptu get togethers. For us lazy people, somewhere where we can flop with our packages and kick off our shoes! It’s a cozy area with the Persnickity Rocker across from my favorite couch, the Victorian Love Seat. it has a great menu of four choices. Above that you see another Texture changing Wall Art that named destiny. Upon the coffee table there’s a wine dispensing picnic basket that dispenses a much-needed glass of red wine that you can enjoy while winding down from your day of sl! To the left of the love seat there’s an oak side board with 2 framed table pictures frames called Heart with lace and Bows flanking either side of Strung Lamp Green. Just love the light these lamps casts!

In the center of the room is the Farmhouse Wood Dining Table with matching chairs. Having the dining table in the center helps to break up the long room and makes it seem more cozy! You know that rl decorating rules also can be used here in sl too! On top you see a bit of the outdoors, potted Yellow Irises. Underneath the table, a beautiful textured changing flower rug. Above the beautiful wood table is the gorgeous pink shabby chandelier! This will conclude this week tour of My Persnickity House. See you all later in Part 4! Y’all come on back now ya hear!

Everything that is in the house can be found currently at Persnickity and very affordable too !!!

Sandy River House and all furnishings by Persnickity

FATAL Feeling Sexy Dress

Fatal Feeling Sexy Dress_004 r1When I saw Fatal new dress Feeling Sexy…the name caught my immediate attention! You know sometimes it takes a lot of work to feel sexy and this dress..all i had on extra was my floppy hat and my purse…a lot of effort..smiling. I wore it out walking the other day and got hit on several times…lol! So yes, the dress lives up to its name as I was definitely feeling sexy that day! The dress is soo technology cool!  It comes with a texture change hud that allows you to be able to choose between the various colors of denim and leather, and prints as well as buckle textures.

This dress should be released this weekend.  Be sure to pick this dress up so you can be Feeling Sexy too!

Photographer and Model….me
Feeling Sexy Dress by FATAL
Maitreya Siobhan Mesh Hat and Hair
ToKid Elephant Bag

Azul Miss Virtual World 2013 Gown for Miss Singapore, Mio Linette

Azul Mio GownAzul was on my list several times when I was shopping, loool, the telecast of MVW 2013. Her passion for design was really evident in the MVW 2013 Gown Mio! When I tried it on, I felt like a goddess! The way the gown fits, the color, the flowing of the arm bands wisps of chiffon as I move..just ethereal! The gown is available in several other colors and arm band combinations

Miss Singapore was so enchanting in this dress and made a beautiful visual presentation. You too will be very stunning when you wear Azul MVW 2013 Gown Mio

Photographer and model….me
Miss Virtual World 2013 Gown Mio for Miss Singapore by Azul

Image Essentials Ornate Wood Mesh Frames

Image Essentials Ornate Picture Frames ornate picture frame v2One thing that I appreciate about being in Second Life is that we all have the ability to not only make memories but to capture a permanent moment in time. I don’t know about you, but my inventory is filled with captured moments of time, lol! I love being able to frame them and display them in my second life home. Image Essentials have come out with some amazingly beautiful ornate frames for that very purpose. They are Wood Picture Frames (Mesh). Just look at the detail of the frames…just gorgeous and really realistic. Dont like gold, well the frames can be changed from gold, to bronze and silver!  You must get these!!!

Being only 1 prim each in size these frames are modifiable mesh, meaning they can be resized and the faces can be retextured.

The frames have been designed so that they retain their correct dimensions should you enlarge them. (square remains a square and the rectangle remains a rectangle).

To add you own image to the frame simply drag your picture from your inventory onto the face of the frame which says “drop your picture here”.

Check out their other ornate and pure wooden frames in the marketplace store or on the top floor of the Image Essentials store in Parameshvara.

Loves these!!!

Image Essentials Ad….Image Essentials
Ornate Wood Mesh Frames…Image Essentials

PrimTique V-Day Dining Set Group Gift for February

Primtique Valentine Dining Set February Group Gift_002

PrimTique has a beautiful Valentine Day Group Gift that is awesome any day of the year!   Why not start a new tradition for the day after and just enjoy that special someone before your day gets started. This is a perfect set  for that tete-a-tete or just enjoying by yourself! Theres a side table with a small bowl of roses, a round table, with a texture changer, that has wine glass that gives a glass of red wine when touched, a rose that plays At Last by Etta James, 2 chairs, which you can make more copies as needed, and a sign that says P.S. I Love you. That song is amazing and such a thoughtful touch by Honey.

Rush and pick up this really romantic group gift for February or join the group. She makes great furniture and accessories and very affordable too!!!

Some information on the set

V-Day Dining Set
-PrimTique Sculpt Round Table with Texture Changer
-PrimTique Dining Chair -Red Seat Cushions x2
-LD Wrought Iron Chandelier -Black
-PrimTique Sideboard – *note* does not include texture changer
-PrimTique Wall Decal -P.S. I love you!”
-Red Roses in White Vase
-PrimTique Taperd Candle -Wood Base x2
-LD Wine Bottle -Malbec
-LD Red Wine Glass (Touch To get glass in Inventory)
-Rose Sculpt -“At Last” Song -touch to play

Total Prims 51 when rezzed

NM/Copy/NT (except the wall decal you can modify it)


Velocity Valentine Mini Mesh Dresses

Velocity Valentine Dress R5

Velocity Valentine Dress R4

Velocity Valentine Dress R3

Velocity Valentine Dress R2

Velocity Valentine Dress R1

Velocity has released some very interesting patterned Valentine Day mesh minis! They remind me of pop art! The dresses have such names as Pure Hearted, Devil at Heart, Cold Hearted, Pink Heart, and Beating Heart. Those names are really awesome and depict the dress theme perfectly! There is a demo available on market place. The colors are bright and fun and look great on!

Check out these dresses at the links below and enjoy your Valentine day!

Photographer and model…me

dresses by Velocity

L’aize Dayz Window Seat Group Gift

LD Window Seat Group Gift R1

What a great group gift! This awesome window seat has a really good sitting pose menu and the blending of the grey colors make you feel peaceful as you sit and look out. it fit perfectly against a wnidow or whereever you want to place it. This really cool group gift also comes with a laptop!

Dont forget to grab yours or join the group!

photographer and
L’aize Dayz Window Seat Group Gift

Image Essentials Pose Frame Collection

Pose Frame Collection Single

pose frames v2

I have not had so much fun posing on my own EVER….I went crazy trying out all the poses in the new Pose Frame from image Essentials! The frames have so many texture options and it’s totally resizable!!!

It’s simple
It’s elegant
It’s here at Image Essentials

The Pose Frame collection is a simple wooden frame with 8 wood textures available via a texture changer. *click frame to activate the texture changer*

Each frame has a set of 8 poses making you the centre of attention. Simply sit on the frame and use the menu to navigate through the poses.  Keep your eye open, more from this line will be released soon!

Try it out the demo at the store.

Theres a frame for couples too!

The Pose Frame Collection, only available at Image Essentials.

Photographer and model…me
Photographer….Image Essentials

h.m.a.e.m. Midnight Princess Clutch

h.m.a.e.m  Midnight Princess Clutch-Aquah.m.a.e.m. newest release is a sophisticated clutch called Midnight Princess. What can I say…the clutch is gorgeous and comes in 3 other colors besides the aqua that is shown. The aqua purse body, which has the imprint of a cross on both sides, is topped by a royal yellow orb that has been encircled by the same Aqua Stones of the cross that tops the orb. The clutch is amazing!!! The clutch is resizable and sits perfectly in your hand! The other colors are Ice, Passion, and Cipria…get them all!!! This a must have accessory for all of you fashionistas and aqua is a hot trend color for this spring and summer!

Photographer and model….me

Midnight Princess, Aqua by h.m.a.e.m.

Miss Zaara MVM Gown by Tres Beau

MVW Zaara Gown_005 MVW Zaara Gown_004

The Miss MVW contest not only gives us a new Miss MVW it also gives a preview of new trends for gowns and colors! The shades of mint and teal seen in the past few seasons are all softening and getting lighter for the spring/summer 2013 season as shown with this gown. There have been so many that has caused my mouth to drop in that Oooh position! One of the amazing gowns to do so is the Miss Zaara MVW Gown by Tres Beau. The dress is a portrait come to life! The shoulder piece of the gown helps to draw the eye upon the whole of the gown, allowing you to take in the glory of the gown’s gradual shade changes of color and strategically placed flowers that are the perfect choice of an accessory that adds to the gown without overpowering it. The ruffles are a symphony of drama that is the pièce de résistance of the gown! As you can see the color is spring personified…the gown is utterly beautiful!

You will be a walking master piece when you wear the Miss Zaara MVW Gown

Photographer and Model….me
Miss Zaara MVW Gown by Tres Beau

Valentine Gown-The Mimmi Partial Mesh Gown

Vero Modero Valentine Mimmi Gown R1

Vero Modero Valentine Mimmi Gown R2

Vero Modero Salvo Edi Rico Suits R1

The Valentine Mimmi Partial Mesh Gown is the color of love! The gown is perfect for that special evening on Valentine Day to seduce your loved one. Whether you are going to be out dancing, a party with friends or an intimate evening for 2, you will be memorable in this dress! the slim silhouette of the dress will fit you like a second skin! The dress ends in a giant pouf of red chiffon. You will be the enchantress in the Valentine Mimmi Partial Mesh gown. For those of you who love to coordinate with your men, why not gift one or all of the amazing suits, The Salvo, Rico, or Edi…ooh stop my beating heart!

I also wanted to show the Mimmi Gown without the lace bodice. The gown is elegant and beautiful as you can see, but without the lace….devastating!!! She is purposefully unadorned awaiting to be surrounded by your love…, rubies, emeralds, etc., smiling

Either way you wear the gown, you will be unforgettable!

Photographer and Model…
Valentine Gown Mimmi by Vero Modero
Salvo, Rico, Edi Suits by Vero Modero

Asian Moon by Baboom

Baboom Asian Moon

Baboom Asian Moon

Found among the February releases for Baboom is the beautifully textured dream…. Asia Moon! The way the colors have been married to each other is sheer poetry! The vibrant colors of the gown are very complimentary to everyone! The gown comes with a Lucky Stone necklace that beautifully matches the look and is also found upon and adorns the upper and lower cuffs too. The gown has a flexi tail that as you walk spreads out gracefully behind you and makes the gown amazing as you move! Even a peacock would be envious! The obi can be detached and the gown looks just as beautiful!

Make your way to Baboom to purchase this most amazing colored gown and check out the rest of Baboom new releases!

Photographer and model….me
Asian Moon by Baboom

Valentine Dresses from TorMe Design

TorMe Funky Heart Dress R3

TorMe Red Hearts Dress RR1

TorMe Funky Heart Dress R2

TorMe Black Jersey Skirt Set R4

Valentine day is soon upon us!!! Not everyone is the formal dress type and for you ladies who want a cute, sassy, and short dress, TorMe Design has come out with 3 new mesh dresses that are adorable on and have hearts within the design. These can easily be worn after Valentine with pants/leggings, shrugs/boleros etc., The names are Funky Hearts, Red Hearts, and Cupcakes Dress. Buy them all!!!

Also, there’s a great 2 piece called Black Jersey Cotton. The top has a boatneck neckline and a fitted skirt and bow tie closure at the center of the waist. I really like this as it can be dressed up, worn casual, and paired with other things in your closet! The shape is awesome and love how it looks on me! It’s also available in beige and crimson.

These are so affordable!!! TorMe’s clothes are very well made and Tally is a sweetheart! You cannot go wrong with ANYTHING from her store! She is a designer to keep your eye on and buy…very talented lady! Have fun shopping!!!

photographer and model…me
Funky Hearts, Red Hearts, Cupcake Dress, and Black Jersey Cotton by TorMe Design

Country Chic Set by namssab1nad Piers

Country Chic_002

Country Chic_001

I am going to use the notecard that came with the set…its funny as all heck! Y’all sit back and enjoy!

The full line of Country Chic (Redneck Riviera for you southerners) Living Room set is out and ready for your new cabin (shack in the woods for all you die hard deer hunters) and its ready for loading up on the back of your wagon. Make sure its an 8 hoof drive, this stuff is as heavy as a wagon load of moonshine.

Drop by and take a look see. Make sure you don’t run a red light. Ole Barney Phife is itchin to pull out his gun with his one bullet and make an arrest. Anyway, if you need help loadin it in the wagon, just holler.

Oh, almost forgot… some is all mesh, some is part mesh, and that cable wire thingamajig is all prim.


namssab1nad Piers

Country Chic Couch and chair, Table and Lamp, old cable spool table, Country Craft Chic Wall Sconce by namssab1nad Piers


The Valentine Pergola by Kaerri

Kaerri Valentine Pergola

Kaerri Valentine Pergola

Valentine Day is a special moment in time that celebrates love. So much has been written about the day, the history, both the glory and the gory. Why not make your own traditions with your loved one or enjoy it as a SAD moment…Single Awarenes Day! Just because you may be alone that day, side thought.. accordng to world statistics there are more alone than coupled, ..does not mean you are not worthy of the dinners, the flowers, cards, candy, and such…show your own self some love by treating yourself extra special!

Why not take some time before your special day starts, during, or ends by sitting in your very own Valentine Pergola by Kaerri. I appreciate that this amazing Valentine Pergola is not red but a beautiful mixture of Lilac, Purple, and Pink Heart Lights and can be used all year round. It sits on its own platform under an amazing pergola and has a gorgeous couch that has a menu with poses for cuddles, sits, foreplay, and lays and can be used also by singles. Just imagine staring at a sunset or starry night from your very own curtained pergola eating cupcakes, which are also included with the pergola.

Life is so precious, make your time special and memorable , everyday, for yourself and those you love by enjoying life… both in your real and second lives!


Valentine Pergola by Kaerri

FATAL Valentine Sale!!!!

FATAL Valentine SaleFatal Valentine Corset Red Bra Set

Valentine Day is just around the corner so what better way to get the love fest started than to have a sale? From now through Valentines Day, ALL, yes ALL of the Sense and Sensuality line will be marked down 50%.  AND just to put the cherry on top, if it’s red, it’s 1/2 off too!!!  That includes new releases and menswear.

Photographer and Model….me
Sense and Sensuality Red and White Bra and Panty Set by Fatal
Sales Ad….Fatal
Here’s your taxi!

My Persnickity Show House – Part 2 The Sleeping Corner

Sleeping Corner_001

Sleeping Corner

Sleeping Corner

Sleeping Corner 6

Sleeping Corner

Sleeping Corner

 Welcome back to my Persnickity Show House Tour…. y’all come on in!!! I am doing my very first show house featuring all things Persnickity. I had the honor and great pleasure of meeting a wonderful and fantastic lady, creator, and designer, Pet, Owner of Persnickity, and have fallen totally in love with her amazing shabby chic designs!

This week feature post is the sleeping corner! Sandy River House has very large and open spaces…so I broke up the space using screen dividers. I created a very cozy sleeping corner using everything from Persnickity and I am VERY pleased at how the sleeping area turned out. One of the many reasons why I love Persnickity is that stylish chic does not cost an arm and a leg! You must go to her shop and see the fantastic prices she has and spend spend spend! When I first purchased the house..couldn’t believe the small amount that she was asking for such a quality and detailed design!

I took a corner of the second room and angled the bed, which by the way will be available soon in the store. When you angle a bed…you do gain a little bit more space. All the creature comforts I could want is here. A beautiful white country bed that has a great couple menu for those of you who are wondering…winking! To the right of the bed…a picture that the princess sleeps here…laughs….we princesses grow up and become queens..looo!l The sleeping corner boasts a comfy Victorian Sofa with a 5 pose menu…love this sofa!!! In front of it is the cutest coffee table that’s just the right size for the sofa with a touch of greenery from the plant tray that has been put there to add life to the room. Plants relaxes a room and give a touch of life by their very presence…no matter how small. The vanity is so perfect in the spot near the edge of the wall. It has 2 menu poses, one for brushing your hair and the other for painting your toes. Also on top of the vanity is a small jewelry box and 2 bottles of nail polish The furnishings in the space have been placed for the utmost usage/balance and whats pleasing to my eye! Theres a larger skirted table next to the bed that has a tray of perfume bottles on top and above that an amazing picture of a pink blossom within a cracked framed…so very cottage shabby chic! Next to the table I placed a dressing screen…love undressing behind that! On the wall you see 2 old windows frames, one is named Flower Princess and the other Woman in a Breeze, that have been reclaimed and made to encased silkscreening…they both compliment the sleeping corner incredibly and are gorgeous! Between that you see the pine wardrobe closet just waiting for me to hang my clothes, if I can ever get around to Everyone should have a full length standing mirror to check their good looks in…smiling. You also see a pretty smaller white table with a pink applique on it that has a lamp on top, to drop your purse…etc., and behind that the screen that divides the sleeping area from the kitchen and laundry areas. The colors of this room just flows and makes a visually pretty, feminine, welcoming area from the rug on the floor to the chandelier overhead! Everything you see here, for my show house, can be found at Persnickity!

It was really a lot of fun to put the sleeping corner together. Thank you Pet, for creating such wonderous and realistic designs that are also very affordable too!

Thank you all, too, for stopping by and visiting my Persnickity’s House sleeping corner! Have a great week! Y’all come back now ya hear! lool, couldn’t resist..laughing

All Furniture by Persnickity

Luxuriant’s Colors of Love Hunt and Kaerri

COLH hunt patio complete

COLH hunt patio

COLH hunt furniture

COLH hunt fountain

COLH hunt trees

As a blogger for Kaerri, I wanted to let everyone know that they are participating in the Luxuriant Colors of Love Hunt starting February 1st and running through to the 28th. The Colors Of Love Hunt is the second hunt to be held by l u x u r i a n t.  Designers can offer up to a maximum of 14 different gifts per location, minimum 1 gift. No gifts will be priced at more than 25L and if a designer contributes more than one gift to this hunt we’ve asked that at least one of these be 0L as a thank you and Happy Valentine’s Day gesture to our valued hunters!

Kaerri with their usual fabulous and creativeness have prepared 4 Colors of Love Hunt Sets. The first Colors of Love Hunt Set is 0L. The Colors of Love Hunt Sets 2 through 4 are 25L each. The Hunt Sets each contain a component that makes the patio complete. i will be using their official pictures to show the hunt gifts for Kaerri…you have to go and get these!!! The Colors of Love Hunt Sets put together make a complete Patio Set!!! How awesome is that…to be able to sit with the one you love on your very own patio set for this level of quality for such a small amount!!! The settee has a very good menu for cuddles, foreplay, lays, sits, stop and options…both couples and singles will enjoy this! Smiling, no one said the person who you love the most couldn’t be you!!! The fountain will make you think you are looking at real water and the birds are so lovely! The trees have lights in them and one has a Blue Jay! You must see this on midnght settng…so very beautiful!

Check out these awesome pictures and make your way over to Kaerri and locate these amazing hunt sets!

Hints for Kaerri
1. You light up my life.
2. A little bird told me.
3. Take a seat.
4. Tick tock.