Luxuriant’s Colors of Love Hunt and Kaerri

COLH hunt patio complete

COLH hunt patio

COLH hunt furniture

COLH hunt fountain

COLH hunt trees

As a blogger for Kaerri, I wanted to let everyone know that they are participating in the Luxuriant Colors of Love Hunt starting February 1st and running through to the 28th. The Colors Of Love Hunt is the second hunt to be held by l u x u r i a n t.  Designers can offer up to a maximum of 14 different gifts per location, minimum 1 gift. No gifts will be priced at more than 25L and if a designer contributes more than one gift to this hunt we’ve asked that at least one of these be 0L as a thank you and Happy Valentine’s Day gesture to our valued hunters!

Kaerri with their usual fabulous and creativeness have prepared 4 Colors of Love Hunt Sets. The first Colors of Love Hunt Set is 0L. The Colors of Love Hunt Sets 2 through 4 are 25L each. The Hunt Sets each contain a component that makes the patio complete. i will be using their official pictures to show the hunt gifts for Kaerri…you have to go and get these!!! The Colors of Love Hunt Sets put together make a complete Patio Set!!! How awesome is that…to be able to sit with the one you love on your very own patio set for this level of quality for such a small amount!!! The settee has a very good menu for cuddles, foreplay, lays, sits, stop and options…both couples and singles will enjoy this! Smiling, no one said the person who you love the most couldn’t be you!!! The fountain will make you think you are looking at real water and the birds are so lovely! The trees have lights in them and one has a Blue Jay! You must see this on midnght settng…so very beautiful!

Check out these awesome pictures and make your way over to Kaerri and locate these amazing hunt sets!

Hints for Kaerri
1. You light up my life.
2. A little bird told me.
3. Take a seat.
4. Tick tock.



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