My Persnickity Show House – Part 2 The Sleeping Corner

Sleeping Corner_001

Sleeping Corner

Sleeping Corner

Sleeping Corner 6

Sleeping Corner

Sleeping Corner

 Welcome back to my Persnickity Show House Tour…. y’all come on in!!! I am doing my very first show house featuring all things Persnickity. I had the honor and great pleasure of meeting a wonderful and fantastic lady, creator, and designer, Pet, Owner of Persnickity, and have fallen totally in love with her amazing shabby chic designs!

This week feature post is the sleeping corner! Sandy River House has very large and open spaces…so I broke up the space using screen dividers. I created a very cozy sleeping corner using everything from Persnickity and I am VERY pleased at how the sleeping area turned out. One of the many reasons why I love Persnickity is that stylish chic does not cost an arm and a leg! You must go to her shop and see the fantastic prices she has and spend spend spend! When I first purchased the house..couldn’t believe the small amount that she was asking for such a quality and detailed design!

I took a corner of the second room and angled the bed, which by the way will be available soon in the store. When you angle a bed…you do gain a little bit more space. All the creature comforts I could want is here. A beautiful white country bed that has a great couple menu for those of you who are wondering…winking! To the right of the bed…a picture that the princess sleeps here…laughs….we princesses grow up and become queens..looo!l The sleeping corner boasts a comfy Victorian Sofa with a 5 pose menu…love this sofa!!! In front of it is the cutest coffee table that’s just the right size for the sofa with a touch of greenery from the plant tray that has been put there to add life to the room. Plants relaxes a room and give a touch of life by their very presence…no matter how small. The vanity is so perfect in the spot near the edge of the wall. It has 2 menu poses, one for brushing your hair and the other for painting your toes. Also on top of the vanity is a small jewelry box and 2 bottles of nail polish The furnishings in the space have been placed for the utmost usage/balance and whats pleasing to my eye! Theres a larger skirted table next to the bed that has a tray of perfume bottles on top and above that an amazing picture of a pink blossom within a cracked framed…so very cottage shabby chic! Next to the table I placed a dressing screen…love undressing behind that! On the wall you see 2 old windows frames, one is named Flower Princess and the other Woman in a Breeze, that have been reclaimed and made to encased silkscreening…they both compliment the sleeping corner incredibly and are gorgeous! Between that you see the pine wardrobe closet just waiting for me to hang my clothes, if I can ever get around to Everyone should have a full length standing mirror to check their good looks in…smiling. You also see a pretty smaller white table with a pink applique on it that has a lamp on top, to drop your purse…etc., and behind that the screen that divides the sleeping area from the kitchen and laundry areas. The colors of this room just flows and makes a visually pretty, feminine, welcoming area from the rug on the floor to the chandelier overhead! Everything you see here, for my show house, can be found at Persnickity!

It was really a lot of fun to put the sleeping corner together. Thank you Pet, for creating such wonderous and realistic designs that are also very affordable too!

Thank you all, too, for stopping by and visiting my Persnickity’s House sleeping corner! Have a great week! Y’all come back now ya hear! lool, couldn’t resist..laughing

All Furniture by Persnickity


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