Country Chic Set by namssab1nad Piers

Country Chic_002

Country Chic_001

I am going to use the notecard that came with the set…its funny as all heck! Y’all sit back and enjoy!

The full line of Country Chic (Redneck Riviera for you southerners) Living Room set is out and ready for your new cabin (shack in the woods for all you die hard deer hunters) and its ready for loading up on the back of your wagon. Make sure its an 8 hoof drive, this stuff is as heavy as a wagon load of moonshine.

Drop by and take a look see. Make sure you don’t run a red light. Ole Barney Phife is itchin to pull out his gun with his one bullet and make an arrest. Anyway, if you need help loadin it in the wagon, just holler.

Oh, almost forgot… some is all mesh, some is part mesh, and that cable wire thingamajig is all prim.


namssab1nad Piers

Country Chic Couch and chair, Table and Lamp, old cable spool table, Country Craft Chic Wall Sconce by namssab1nad Piers



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