The Valentine Pergola by Kaerri

Kaerri Valentine Pergola

Kaerri Valentine Pergola

Valentine Day is a special moment in time that celebrates love. So much has been written about the day, the history, both the glory and the gory. Why not make your own traditions with your loved one or enjoy it as a SAD moment…Single Awarenes Day! Just because you may be alone that day, side thought.. accordng to world statistics there are more alone than coupled, ..does not mean you are not worthy of the dinners, the flowers, cards, candy, and such…show your own self some love by treating yourself extra special!

Why not take some time before your special day starts, during, or ends by sitting in your very own Valentine Pergola by Kaerri. I appreciate that this amazing Valentine Pergola is not red but a beautiful mixture of Lilac, Purple, and Pink Heart Lights and can be used all year round. It sits on its own platform under an amazing pergola and has a gorgeous couch that has a menu with poses for cuddles, sits, foreplay, and lays and can be used also by singles. Just imagine staring at a sunset or starry night from your very own curtained pergola eating cupcakes, which are also included with the pergola.

Life is so precious, make your time special and memorable , everyday, for yourself and those you love by enjoying life… both in your real and second lives!


Valentine Pergola by Kaerri


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