Valentine Gown-The Mimmi Partial Mesh Gown

Vero Modero Valentine Mimmi Gown R1

Vero Modero Valentine Mimmi Gown R2

Vero Modero Salvo Edi Rico Suits R1

The Valentine Mimmi Partial Mesh Gown is the color of love! The gown is perfect for that special evening on Valentine Day to seduce your loved one. Whether you are going to be out dancing, a party with friends or an intimate evening for 2, you will be memorable in this dress! the slim silhouette of the dress will fit you like a second skin! The dress ends in a giant pouf of red chiffon. You will be the enchantress in the Valentine Mimmi Partial Mesh gown. For those of you who love to coordinate with your men, why not gift one or all of the amazing suits, The Salvo, Rico, or Edi…ooh stop my beating heart!

I also wanted to show the Mimmi Gown without the lace bodice. The gown is elegant and beautiful as you can see, but without the lace….devastating!!! She is purposefully unadorned awaiting to be surrounded by your love…, rubies, emeralds, etc., smiling

Either way you wear the gown, you will be unforgettable!

Photographer and Model…
Valentine Gown Mimmi by Vero Modero
Salvo, Rico, Edi Suits by Vero Modero


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