PrimTique V-Day Dining Set Group Gift for February

Primtique Valentine Dining Set February Group Gift_002

PrimTique has a beautiful Valentine Day Group Gift that is awesome any day of the year!   Why not start a new tradition for the day after and just enjoy that special someone before your day gets started. This is a perfect set  for that tete-a-tete or just enjoying by yourself! Theres a side table with a small bowl of roses, a round table, with a texture changer, that has wine glass that gives a glass of red wine when touched, a rose that plays At Last by Etta James, 2 chairs, which you can make more copies as needed, and a sign that says P.S. I Love you. That song is amazing and such a thoughtful touch by Honey.

Rush and pick up this really romantic group gift for February or join the group. She makes great furniture and accessories and very affordable too!!!

Some information on the set

V-Day Dining Set
-PrimTique Sculpt Round Table with Texture Changer
-PrimTique Dining Chair -Red Seat Cushions x2
-LD Wrought Iron Chandelier -Black
-PrimTique Sideboard – *note* does not include texture changer
-PrimTique Wall Decal -P.S. I love you!”
-Red Roses in White Vase
-PrimTique Taperd Candle -Wood Base x2
-LD Wine Bottle -Malbec
-LD Red Wine Glass (Touch To get glass in Inventory)
-Rose Sculpt -“At Last” Song -touch to play

Total Prims 51 when rezzed

NM/Copy/NT (except the wall decal you can modify it)



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