Image Essentials Ornate Wood Mesh Frames

Image Essentials Ornate Picture Frames ornate picture frame v2One thing that I appreciate about being in Second Life is that we all have the ability to not only make memories but to capture a permanent moment in time. I don’t know about you, but my inventory is filled with captured moments of time, lol! I love being able to frame them and display them in my second life home. Image Essentials have come out with some amazingly beautiful ornate frames for that very purpose. They are Wood Picture Frames (Mesh). Just look at the detail of the frames…just gorgeous and really realistic. Dont like gold, well the frames can be changed from gold, to bronze and silver!  You must get these!!!

Being only 1 prim each in size these frames are modifiable mesh, meaning they can be resized and the faces can be retextured.

The frames have been designed so that they retain their correct dimensions should you enlarge them. (square remains a square and the rectangle remains a rectangle).

To add you own image to the frame simply drag your picture from your inventory onto the face of the frame which says “drop your picture here”.

Check out their other ornate and pure wooden frames in the marketplace store or on the top floor of the Image Essentials store in Parameshvara.

Loves these!!!

Image Essentials Ad….Image Essentials
Ornate Wood Mesh Frames…Image Essentials


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