My Persnickity Show House – Part 3 Entry and Dining Area

Pet Show House Sitting Area_004

Pet Show House Sitting Area_003

Persnickity Farmhouse Table and Chairs_002

Welcome to My Persnickity Show House Part 3…come on in!!! When you enter the house your eyes are treated to vast array of comforting complimentary colors that just flows one into the other. I don’t know about you, when I get home..I need someplace to flop and not in the living room…thats too far to

Just inside the front door you are greeted by a hatted Aqua mannequin stand and a round shabby table to throw the keys and purse upon and hopefully see the mail on. Above that is one of my favorite pictures of Texture Changing Wall Art in the house called dream and has a lovely love poem on it that I enjoy reading each day I enter the house! To the side of the table and on the other side, there’s a small white wicker planter of flowers that adds even more color to the area and to the entry door that goes to the Garden Room. They make me smile even when I feel grumpy! The Strung Lamp Blue on the table makes that area, when its dark out, glow with a warm and welcoming cast of light.

On the other side of the Garden Room Entry Door you see the sitting area. I believe a home should have many areas for sitting! It encourages conversations and impromptu get togethers. For us lazy people, somewhere where we can flop with our packages and kick off our shoes! It’s a cozy area with the Persnickity Rocker across from my favorite couch, the Victorian Love Seat. it has a great menu of four choices. Above that you see another Texture changing Wall Art that named destiny. Upon the coffee table there’s a wine dispensing picnic basket that dispenses a much-needed glass of red wine that you can enjoy while winding down from your day of sl! To the left of the love seat there’s an oak side board with 2 framed table pictures frames called Heart with lace and Bows flanking either side of Strung Lamp Green. Just love the light these lamps casts!

In the center of the room is the Farmhouse Wood Dining Table with matching chairs. Having the dining table in the center helps to break up the long room and makes it seem more cozy! You know that rl decorating rules also can be used here in sl too! On top you see a bit of the outdoors, potted Yellow Irises. Underneath the table, a beautiful textured changing flower rug. Above the beautiful wood table is the gorgeous pink shabby chandelier! This will conclude this week tour of My Persnickity House. See you all later in Part 4! Y’all come on back now ya hear!

Everything that is in the house can be found currently at Persnickity and very affordable too !!!

Sandy River House and all furnishings by Persnickity


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