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PosESioN New Couple Pose OMG Osea! and Last day of the Inauguration Sale


Since becoming a model and discovering so many pose makers, when you find one that you love you happily spend the lindens to acquire their poses. My very first fashion show that I attended, right after my graduation from MBMA, as a brand new model with no runway experience, there was a model whose posing was so amazing that I imed her during the show! She was dressed as a voodoo priestess and had used a combination of poses from the PosESioN Wicked and Goddess lines. Couldn’t wait for the show to end so I could hurry there and look…lol

Now I have the honor and the pleasure to blog for PosESioN!!!

PosESioN has a new couple pose OMG Osea! Such a fun looking pose….really awesome as you can tell by the above ad shot by Dahriel.   Stop by the new store and demo it!

Also, last day for the Inauguration Sale…you have until tomorrow to avail yourself of the fantastic fat pack sale prices below of 200 lindens for each set!!!!  The sale ends April 1st! 

PosESioN Moved


*PosESioN* New LM Mainstore!!!

Crazy Days!!! Now because of the Inauguration they will have these new sets for only 200 Lindens until April 1st

Jewelry (10 Poses) 200L Fat Pack!!!
New Baroque (10 Poses) 200L Fat Pack!!!
Fetish (10 Poses) 200L Fat Pack!!!
Pencil Skirt (10 Poses) 200L Fat Pack!!!

_PosESioN_ Jewelry Vendorr1 _PosESioN_ New Baroque Vendorr1







_PosESioN_ Fetish Vendorr1 _PosESioN_ Pencil Skirt Vendorr1







Practically a give away…. hurry before the sale ends April 1st !!!

Now I Too Can Pose Like Wicca Merlin!!!


    Casual Jean_005 crp1

Casual Jean_004 crp1

Casual Jean_003 crp1

Casual Jean_002crp1

Casual Jean_001crp1

When one of SL top models, you admire greatly, makes something you hurry to acquire whatever it is. Wicca Merlin is the bees knees to me!!! I have always enjoyed her uniqueness and personal style. Wicca is a master stylist and can pose her butt off!!! When I learned, just recently, that she had poses…well her poses are now my poses, lol!

The poses are called WW Casual Jeans and they are amazing!!!! The motions are smooth…none of that jerky stuff in the transitions. I like the positions of the legs and arms and the poses suit me. I know the poses are called Casual Jeans, but I happened to have on a swimsuit, when I got them, and LOVE how they made the swimsuit come alive with movement! I have always secretly wanted to be just like her in posing, laughing, now I can just buy her poses!!!!

Photographer and model….me
WW Casual Jeans by Wicca Merlin

Move over Scarlett O’Hara and Step Aside Norma Desmond

Stairs to The Stars_002

Stairs to The Stars_003

Stairs to The Stars_004

Move over Scarlett O’Hara and step aside Norma Desmond…when I think of these famous characters I think of the famous staircase scenes associated with them!

One of the most popular staircases in movie history is the red carpeted stair in the opulent Butler Mansion, on which Scarlett O’Hara sits/lays in her black heap of silk in the final scene and lament over her ruined marriage and schemes how to get Rhett back and utters the last famous lines as she hears the voices in her head about Tara and says “Home, I’ll go home and I’ll think of some way to get him back”. “After all, tomorrow is another day!

and the other famous scene

Fear is expressed over how Norma will be unable to cope with the disgrace, and the discovery of how forgotten she truly is. By the time the police arrive, however, she has become totally detached from reality and slipped into a delusional state of mind, thinking the news cameras are set up for a film shoot. To help the police coax her down the stairs, Max plays along with her hallucination that she is on the set of her new film. He verbally sets up the scene for her, and yells “Action!”Norma dramatically descends her grand marble staircase. At the bottom of the stairs in a closeup she has become very happy and says.. I can’t go on with the scene. I’m too happy! Mr. De Mille, do you mind if I say a few words? Thank you. I just want to tell you all how happy I am to be back in the studio making a picture again! You don’t know how much I’ve missed all of you. And I promise you, I’ll never desert you again because after Salome i will make another picture, and another picture! You see, this is my life. It always will be! There’s nothing else just us and the cameras and those wonderful people out there in the dark. All right, Mr. De Mille, I’m ready for my close-up

They just don’t make movies like these any more or staircases…..until now!!!

Well now you can star in and make memorable movie/picture magic in Second Life and pose glamourously upon your very own staircase!!! Thanks to the genius and imagination of Kay Weston, CEO, Image Essentials, she has created for the Hollywood Event, the Staircase to the Stars! The prop is incredible, amazing, and beautiful!!!!Theres nothing like this available to date for use or purchase until now! LOVE LOVE LOVE this!!!

This unique prop was created for old style glamour and is perfect for photographers, models, weddings or just for those who want a gorgeous area to show off their gorgeous gowns etc.

So how does it work.
The prop has a texture change that allows you to change various parts of the prop.
This includes:

the stairs with 8 different rug styles
– the walls with 21 different wall textures
– the railings with 6 different styles
– and the flowers on the table with 10 different colours.

To add to this
There are 10 custom-made poses especially designed to work with this prop. The pose menu allows you to adjust your position so that your feet are on the ground etc.
With hundreds of different options there is so much you can do.

This phenomenal pose prop is available at the Hollywood Event, please stop by the Image Essentials Store there and buy this!!!!!

The Staircase to the Stars created for the Hollywood Event by Kay Weston, Image Essentials

Easter Brunch and Vero Modero Dress March Ladies Group Gift

Vero Modero March Dress_009 r1hmm…decisions, decisions, decisions! Where do I put the Easter Brunch table…what am I serving…..who am I inviting??? What I don’t have to wonder about is what I am wearing! Thanks to the beautifully pastel colored spring like dress that’s this month March ladies group gift for Vero Modero, I can check that off my to do list! The dress is perfect for the holiday! This dress can be really done up or worn casually. The dress looks amazing with an easter bonnet and basket too! I will be casually chic, the hostess with the mostest, in my free Vero Modero Dress March Ladies Group Gift! Theres still a few days left so hurry and join Vero Modero in world group, where you will be among the first to hear of special sales, announcements, events, and receive fabulous group gifts such as this! Forget the chocolate eggs…my bunny better arrive wearing the Chop Zuey bracelet I have been eyeing!!!

photographer and model….me
Vero Modero Dress March Ladies Group Gift Free…join Vero Modero in world group
Slink Lulu Shoes
Elemental Jewelry Falling Snow Flake Earrings and Snow Necklace

The Soiree and Azul Eve

AZUL Eve Having received an invitation, a rather vaguely worded one, for a late afternoon soiree with ladies who lunch. You know the type…the ones who really just invited your check book, but too well mannered to say so..lool!!! Can hear the ah dahlings and see the air kissing of both cheeks while checking your status on the unwritten social registry, smiling!

Since its late afternoon, our lady can’t go wrong wearing Azul Eve. She is always in good taste! Eve is a one shoulder bowed Coral colored cocktail length organza confection dream of a dress! It has a plethora of ruffles at the hem that moves beautifully around your knees! The dress is perfect for this type of function and no one can look down their monied nose, winking, they will be wondering 10 or 11 numbers for your bank balance! She has chosen the perfect accessories for her Azul Eve Dress…Tres Beau Opera Rose Hat, N-Core Black Ultraplatforms, Chop Zuey Dangle Diamond Earrings and Ling Diamond Bracelets. she also have chosen to wear black gloves, and carries her COCO Clutch Bag. Eve is available in several beautiful colors and can be worn for many social situations and occasions. Even if your linden balance screams broke, broke, broke…AZUL Eve makes you look rich, rich, rich!

Photographer and model…me

Azul Eve Coral
Azul Eve Black Gloves
Tres Beau Opera Rose Hat-no longer available
N-Core Black Ultraplatforms
Chop Zuey Dangle Diamond Earrings
Ling Diamond Bracelets
COCO Clutch Bag

Image Essentials Early Prevention House and Courage Faith Strength Hope Pose Props for The SL Buddy Walk Event Celebrating World Down Syndrome Day March 17-31, 2013

early intervention early interventin_002Image Essentials CEO, Kay Weston, whose many talents have no bounds and has a heart that as big as the universe itself, has created these awesome specially made pose props in support of the SL Buddy Walk Event Celebrating World Down Syndrome Day March 17-31, 2013. Image Essentials is proud to support SLBuddy Walk!

Please show your support of this most worthy cause. Go check it out today and see all the amazing things 50 top designers have put together to support Down Syndrome Awareness in SL.

Check for updated listings.

All donations collected from this event are given directly to the NDSS. They will be used for supporting the National Down Syndrome Society’s education, research and advocacy efforts on behalf of the more than 400,000 individuals with Down Syndrome in the United States.


Buddy Walk in SL Organizer, JL Zinner (volunteer)
See here for a video on why I do this: — trust me it will make you smile

For more Information
For more about Down syndrome visit,
For more on the Buddy Walk go to
For more information on the SL Buddy Walk:

Groovy Man!

TorMe Retro Shirt Pink_006 r1

TorMe Retro Shirts

I don’t know about you, but I love vibrant, in your face, colors! TorMe Designs, has recently released the Retro Flower Blouse. The colors immediately draws your eyes;think 1960s psychedelic colors and graphics. I went crazy and paired her most awesome blouse with my Heartless monochromatic black and white leggings, grabbed my Suza black and white bag by Mimikri and donned my favorite Dare Diktators. if I was a flower child from the 60s, I would be so happening, like hey man….peace, (don’t forget to make the peace sign, smiles), in my groovy outfit! I am just wild about how the blouse look with these leggings…..mind you this look is not for the shy! hmm…why is the song Age of Aquarius running through the iPod of my mind…lool

The blouse comes in several colors and can be paired with skirts, jeans, etc., for a less dramatic look than this one, lol. It just shows the versatility of the blouse! So check out TorMe Designs. Make Love, not war…peace out!

Photographer and model…me

Retro Flower Blouse…TorMe Designs
Mimikri Velvette Belt
Diktator Dare Shoes
Mimikri Suza Purse
League wanderer Necklace