Legal Insanity Tank & Skirt/Coco & Skimpy Avery Orchid Skin For March Fashion Limited

 Legal insanity Lace britty loose Tank lace minnie skirt dirty and coco  skimpy Avery Orchid Tan Skin_001

Coco & skimpy Avery Orchid Tan Skin_002

Fashion Limited.

While hanging with some new found pals and waiting for somebody to buy me a beer at SLeezyWood Trailer Park – Home of Trash, RVs, Junk, Beer, I easily would make the best dressed list among some of my toothless, tobacco chewing cohorts here! I am wearing Legal Insanity Bitty Loose White Tank Lace and Minnie Jeans Mini Skirt dirty for the March Fashion Limited Round. The Tank top has a color changing hud that gives several color choices. Perfect look for here! The dirty jean skirt wont show the beer that Bubba spilt on me punching another patron!

I am wearing Coco & Skimpy Avery Orchid Tan Skin for Fashion Limited March Round. It’s a very pretty skin and I love the makeup and the full lips. She has some small freckles across the bridge of the nose. The skin comes with 3 hair base colors of red, Brunette, and Blonde. it also has a skin choice for full breasts.

Both Legal Insanity and Coco & Skimpy are available at the March round for Fashion Limited.

Photographer and model…me
Fashion Limited Logo….Fashion Limited
Legal Insanity Bitty Loose Tank Lace and Minnie Jean Skirt dirty
Coco & Skimpy Avery Orchid Tan Skin
All Star Black Converse


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