The Many Moon Beach House by Shoreman Design

Many Moons Beach House

Many Moons Beach House

Many Moons Beach House

Many Moons Beach House


The “Many Moon” beach house is a small low prim build. The today available beta is made from 80 prim.

The reason why there is a beta release of this build is because some friends and eventually other people wanted to get hold of it “pronto”. A distribution solution was to release it as beta as it was. I will point out though that the ones buying the beta will get full version upgrades when full version is released.

The idea for the house came partially from a dear SL-friends weekend trips to the beach where he was fishing and enjoying the always fascinating scenery of land meeting ocean. I will not furnish it though I think that is some thing each resident should enjoy them self to do, to add personality. A home most often reflect both the owners taste and vision as well as it is mirroring the surrounding nature/environment. I will add some features and items to the build when it is being released as full version.

The full version v1.0 will likely be released beginning April. The beta version is raw 80 prims but the beta version will most likely end up wit some more prims.
The added items and features will mostly be

FOOTPRINT: 13 meter wide and 20,5 meter deep (266,5 SQM).
Fits on 1024 parcel (32×32 meter)
Limited support before v1.0 release.

Price beta version v0.1 = 1.250 L$

• Available at SLM:– Blue/4573588

• View in-world:

Price full version v1.0 = 1.750 L$ Release April 2013.

Shoreman Design Color Palette….Shoreman Design
Many Moon Beach House by Shoreman Design


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