Groovy Man!

TorMe Retro Shirt Pink_006 r1

TorMe Retro Shirts

I don’t know about you, but I love vibrant, in your face, colors! TorMe Designs, has recently released the Retro Flower Blouse. The colors immediately draws your eyes;think 1960s psychedelic colors and graphics. I went crazy and paired her most awesome blouse with my Heartless monochromatic black and white leggings, grabbed my Suza black and white bag by Mimikri and donned my favorite Dare Diktators. if I was a flower child from the 60s, I would be so happening, like hey man….peace, (don’t forget to make the peace sign, smiles), in my groovy outfit! I am just wild about how the blouse look with these leggings…..mind you this look is not for the shy! hmm…why is the song Age of Aquarius running through the iPod of my mind…lool

The blouse comes in several colors and can be paired with skirts, jeans, etc., for a less dramatic look than this one, lol. It just shows the versatility of the blouse! So check out TorMe Designs. Make Love, not war…peace out!

Photographer and model…me

Retro Flower Blouse…TorMe Designs
Mimikri Velvette Belt
Diktator Dare Shoes
Mimikri Suza Purse
League wanderer Necklace


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