The Soiree and Azul Eve

AZUL Eve Having received an invitation, a rather vaguely worded one, for a late afternoon soiree with ladies who lunch. You know the type…the ones who really just invited your check book, but too well mannered to say so..lool!!! Can hear the ah dahlings and see the air kissing of both cheeks while checking your status on the unwritten social registry, smiling!

Since its late afternoon, our lady can’t go wrong wearing Azul Eve. She is always in good taste! Eve is a one shoulder bowed Coral colored cocktail length organza confection dream of a dress! It has a plethora of ruffles at the hem that moves beautifully around your knees! The dress is perfect for this type of function and no one can look down their monied nose, winking, they will be wondering 10 or 11 numbers for your bank balance! She has chosen the perfect accessories for her Azul Eve Dress…Tres Beau Opera Rose Hat, N-Core Black Ultraplatforms, Chop Zuey Dangle Diamond Earrings and Ling Diamond Bracelets. she also have chosen to wear black gloves, and carries her COCO Clutch Bag. Eve is available in several beautiful colors and can be worn for many social situations and occasions. Even if your linden balance screams broke, broke, broke…AZUL Eve makes you look rich, rich, rich!

Photographer and model…me

Azul Eve Coral
Azul Eve Black Gloves
Tres Beau Opera Rose Hat-no longer available
N-Core Black Ultraplatforms
Chop Zuey Dangle Diamond Earrings
Ling Diamond Bracelets
COCO Clutch Bag


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