Now I Too Can Pose Like Wicca Merlin!!!


    Casual Jean_005 crp1

Casual Jean_004 crp1

Casual Jean_003 crp1

Casual Jean_002crp1

Casual Jean_001crp1

When one of SL top models, you admire greatly, makes something you hurry to acquire whatever it is. Wicca Merlin is the bees knees to me!!! I have always enjoyed her uniqueness and personal style. Wicca is a master stylist and can pose her butt off!!! When I learned, just recently, that she had poses…well her poses are now my poses, lol!

The poses are called WW Casual Jeans and they are amazing!!!! The motions are smooth…none of that jerky stuff in the transitions. I like the positions of the legs and arms and the poses suit me. I know the poses are called Casual Jeans, but I happened to have on a swimsuit, when I got them, and LOVE how they made the swimsuit come alive with movement! I have always secretly wanted to be just like her in posing, laughing, now I can just buy her poses!!!!

Photographer and model….me
WW Casual Jeans by Wicca Merlin


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