PosESioN New Couple Pose OMG Osea! and Last day of the Inauguration Sale


Since becoming a model and discovering so many pose makers, when you find one that you love you happily spend the lindens to acquire their poses. My very first fashion show that I attended, right after my graduation from MBMA, as a brand new model with no runway experience, there was a model whose posing was so amazing that I imed her during the show! She was dressed as a voodoo priestess and had used a combination of poses from the PosESioN Wicked and Goddess lines. Couldn’t wait for the show to end so I could hurry there and look…lol

Now I have the honor and the pleasure to blog for PosESioN!!!

PosESioN has a new couple pose OMG Osea! Such a fun looking pose….really awesome as you can tell by the above ad shot by Dahriel.   Stop by the new store and demo it!

Also, last day for the Inauguration Sale…you have until tomorrow to avail yourself of the fantastic fat pack sale prices below of 200 lindens for each set!!!!  The sale ends April 1st! 

PosESioN Moved





*PosESioN* New LM Mainstore!!!

Crazy Days!!! Now because of the Inauguration they will have these new sets for only 200 Lindens until April 1st

Jewelry (10 Poses) 200L Fat Pack!!!
New Baroque (10 Poses) 200L Fat Pack!!!
Fetish (10 Poses) 200L Fat Pack!!!
Pencil Skirt (10 Poses) 200L Fat Pack!!!

_PosESioN_ Jewelry Vendorr1 _PosESioN_ New Baroque Vendorr1







_PosESioN_ Fetish Vendorr1 _PosESioN_ Pencil Skirt Vendorr1







Practically a give away…. hurry before the sale ends April 1st !!!


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