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! HT - TRPH4 PRIZE - spring setr1

! HT - TRPH4 PRIZE - spring set2r1

Ding Dong the hunt is starting, the hunt is starting, the hunt is starting…which hunt you ask…why The Runway Perfect Hunt 4th Edition of course! At 12 am slt, the 4th Edition of The Runway Perfect Hunt begins! A sneak preview..she extends her hands.  HEADTURNERS has created for graceful hands..the Spring Set! There are 2 bangles, a matching ring, FIFI Pink and Blue Nails, and LIP HINTS – Hint of Rose for beautiful lips! This hunt covers you from head to pose!!! All of this for only 5 lindens!!!!
The hunt runs from May 1st to the 31st!

Happy Hunting!!!

photographer and model…me

Note that this edition gifts are 5L each.

Please join the group inworld group if you wish to help other hunters or get help.

The Runway Perfect Hunt

PREVIEW PREVIEW PREVIEW…. The Runway Perfect Hunt 4th Edition PosESioN

PosESioN Andromeda 1 thru 5

Are you ready??? In 3 hours and 45 minutes THE Runway Perfect Hunt 4th Edition will start tonight at midnight slt!!! A sneak preview to rev you up from the god of movement, grace, and all boldness, PosESioN has created for your pleasure…Andromeda Poses!!! There are 5 poses total! For the new model on a budget or photographer…..5 PosESioN poses for only 5 lindens..unheard of!!! The hunt ends on May 31st.  

Happy Hunting!!!

photographer and mdel…me
PosESioN Andromeda Poses

Note that this edition gifts are 5L each.

Please join the group inworld group if you wish to help other hunters or get help.

The Runway Perfect Hunt
 PosESioN  Logo

GizzA – Black Seduction

GizzA - Black Seduction_002r1

GizzA - Black Seduction_003r1

I love the name Black Seduction…the imagery that conjures up to mind can even make this one blush!

The color Black compliments everyone…and looks sensual upon the floor as one slips out of it! The way the bodysuit clings to every dangerous curve…yet teases to what lays beneath. 

Let your journey of sensuality begin when you wear GizzA – Black Seduction.

photographer and model…me
Black Seduction by GizzA
ALEIDA I Eyeshadow A 002
Glam Affair- Studs Embellished Eyeliner
Glam Affair- Fiora Antlers Black
Ultraplatforms by N-Core
Corpus Model Pose 002

PREVIEW PREVIEW PREVIEW…. The Runway Perfect Hunt 4th Edition TRPH4 22769 Casual Couture

22769 ~ [femme] for Runway Perfect Hunt 4_003R1

THE Runway Perfect Hunt 4th Edition will start tonight at midnight slt!!! A sneak preview to spur you on your way comes from amazing 22769 Casual Couture! He has created for the hunt the 22769 ~ [femme] Red and Black Brocade Dress.

If you are a new model or just want to be fab, this hunt is for you! There are all sorts of items for modeling and just looking great such as clothes, makeup, accessories, poses etc., There are 50 awesome and very talented designers for this hunt! Come on out, it all starts at midnight, slt!

The pose that makes me look  just fabulous is the PosESioN  New Baroque 9 Pose!!!                                                         

Happy Hunting!!! 

photographer and
22769 ~ [femme]Brocade Dress for Runway Perfect Hunt 4
PosESioN New Baroque 9 Pose
 PosESioN  Logo   




Note that this edition gifts are 5L each.

Please join the group if you wish to help other hunters or get help.

The Runway Perfect Hunt!

PREVIEW PREVIEW PREVIEW…. The Runway Perfect Hunt 4th Edition TRPH4 Alafolie

TRPH4 #24 Alafolie_002r1

2 more days to The Runway Perfect Hunt 4th Edition!!! Thats right on May 1st, The Runway Perfect Hunt 4th Edition starts!!!! A sneak preview to help you want to dust off your gum shoes! From the romantic and beautiful designer, Alafolie, she presents to you her Sweet et Pant Set, TRPH4 stop #24! The set is complete, top, pants, and black boots-not shown. There is even a color texture change hud for the set! The hunt coming ….the hunt coming!!!!

See ya on the trail..happy hunting!!!

photographer and
TRPH4 # 24 Alafolie Sweet et Pant Set

PREVIEW PREVIEW PREVIEW…. The Runway Perfect Hunt 4th Edition TRPH4 M.O.C.K Cosmetics


TRPH4 #45 MOCK_001r1Just a few more days and The Runway Perfect Hunt 4th Edition starts on May 1st!!!! A sneak preview to wet your TRPH4 stop #45 is the fabulous M.O.C.K Cosmetics!!! She has created for the hunt, the Mariellis Triple Pack Lipcolors and Guyliner 2k (eyeliner only)! The Triplepack Pack Lipcolors are Firebrick, Bubblegum Cabaret, and El Salva. I am wearing the El Salva and the Guyliner 2k.

Get those gum shoes ready….The Runway Perfect Hunt 4th Edition is coming!!!

photographer and model…me
TRPH4 #45 MOCK- Mariellis Triple Pack Lipcolors and Guyliner 2k

Just Cause You Are At Home…

TorMe Designs Mesh Yellow Floral  Ruffle Blouse & Trousers_013r1r3

Having been a model now also 10 learn a few things, laughs! One….you never leave your home looking tore up from the floor up!!! When your profile screams model all over, other residents hold you to a different standard, smiling. They read your profile and make verbal comments too! A lot of non model residents love to critique models for some reason. I asked one of my non model friends why and she said because that’s our job to look good no matter what, when, and

I have many saved outfits but lately SL has been so troublesome, at times, making changing clothes nearly impossible! Friends send random tps, last-minute get together/activities, etc.  So when at home, I try to dress casual yet still with great style! TorMe Designs Mesh Yellow Floral Ruffle Blouse & Trousers allows me to accomplish that and is a perfect outfit for at home, and other places of course! But for these unexpected events or running to a sale/errand, just like now on a whim, I am at the Truth Hair Sale lol! You are casual yet very chic! The black satin lounge pants and yellow floral blouse with the  cute black bow under the breast line are very flattering and helps me to still look polished and beautiful even at home! The set is available in several other blouse color combinations. Why not check out TorMe Designs and see what other delectable delights she has waiting just for you! Just cause you are at home, smiling, you don’t have look like something the cat dragged in! 

The awesome pose that I am using is *PosESioN* Giz 9.  

photographer and model….me
TorMe Designs Mesh Yellow Floral Ruffle Blouse Trousers
MANDALA kimono head accessory set (Rushana & polly)
Faenzo – UFFIE Hair
*PosESioN* Giz 9


 PosESioN  Logo

Spring has Sprung at Baboom

Baboom Mesh Dress Kelly Hat white_011

Baboom has ushered in Spring with her latest release, Kelly! Kelly is a beautiful black and white floral print mesh dress with a solid white bodice and hem. The dress is just perfect for luncheons, shopping, meeting friends and so very chic! You know how sometimes it is so hard to find just the right hat…well Kelly comes with a White Linen, black  banded/flower hat too! When you wear Kelly, you will be as lovely and refreshing as fragrant gentle Spring breeze!

Spring has Sprung at Baboom and Baboom has truly welcomed Spring with the cosmopolitan stylishly sophisticated Kelly!

photographer and model…me
Kelly Mesh Dress and White Hat by Baboom
Donna Flora Seahorse Necklace and Earrings

Purple Eye Candy…..Paisley Daisy Mesh Embellished Purple Gown

Joeys mesh Embellished Purple gown (Sue Wong Infl rr3

Introducing a very new and sensual release from Paisley Daisy. The Joeys Mesh Embellished Purple Gown, is influenced by the runway designs of Sue Wong. The Queen of Sheer has designed an exquisite body conscious gown, that announces you have arrived! The Embellished Gown has a beautiful texture that shimmers the many different hues of the magnificent color of purple! This very unique and stylishly chic gown can be individualized as you wish with the attachments of the collar, armbands, and sleeves. For the modest among us, there is also included, a beautiful lace covering for the derriere! I wore the dress out for a test drive and the comments I received was amazing from the moment I rezzed!!! The Embellished Purple Gown is simply a stunning eye-catching piece of eye candy!   lol, thats what one man called me in this dress!!!  Make your way to Paisley Daisy, where style, elegance, and sensuality is the norm!

Be bold, be different…be a Paisley Daisy’s Fashionista!

photographer and model…me

The  Mesh Embellished Purple Gown by  Paisley Daisy
EMO-tions * GLORIA*/brown
Diktator DARE Shoes BLACK

Image Essentials 24 Hour 50% Off Sale…Hurry LIMITED TIME Only!!!!

50 pc off

Yes, you heard right 50% off all poses and props at Image Essentials!!! She makes awesome and very well made props and poses. Some of you became acquainted with her work from the Hollywood Event Prop she made called IE-Stairs to the Stars..wasnt that just F A B U L O U S…its on sale too!!! New the time to start to build up your props and poses! Texture backgrounds are NOT included in the sale.

Stairs to The Stars_002

50% off ALL PROPS AND POSES FEMALE – MALE – COUPLES – GROUP,  at Image Essentials until midnight,  FRIDAY, April 26th

Grab the lm and check out these great bargains that are available for a LIMITED TIME only.
DONT FORGET TO JOIN THE SUBSCRIBER….to get updates and freebies, no group spot needed!
Feel free to slap it (no group spot needed) You never know what might interest you….dont forget to join Nikki’s subscriber at Demise of Flight and Ally’s at Something New.

Group members of Image Essentials get to use the amazing scenic photo prop packed sims too!


Teaser Preview-Saint Sailor Myeyes Female Tank Exclusive For The SL Sightsavers Event

SS myeyes Female Tank R1

Sometimes you just want to kick back and rock a pair of tight jeans and an awesome tank! Saint Sailor, one of our fabulous and talented designers, for The SL Sightsavers Event, has created several attention grabbing tanks for both the guys and girls for the event! Be sure to save the date, May 11th, for the start of The SL Sightsavers Event, where this and other must have exclusive designs will be available for sale! Check back often for updates and schedule of events…. See ya there!

photographer and model…me
Saint Sailor Myeyes Female Tank Exclusive For The SL Sightsavers Event
Anarchy Cap by GIZZA
Mimikri – Velvette Belt black
FATAL Princess Bangles
mon tissu Denim Lou Lou jeans

Teaser Preview-BaObA Calla Green Hat Exclusive For The SL Sightsavers Event

Calla  Green  BaObA_001r1April showers brings May flowers but also the start of The SL Sightsavers Event which opens May 11th! Elusive for the The SL Sightsavers Event is the exquisite spring hat, Calla, from the famous Chapeau designer BaObA! Many very talented designers have created beautiful designs exclusive to the The SL Sightsavers Event, so come prepared to empty your wallets, smiling, all for a very worthy cause! Stay tuned for updates and more previews!

photographer and model…me
BaObA Calla Green Hat Exclusive For The SL Sightsavers Event

PREVIEW PREVIEW PREVIEW…. Runway Perfect Hunt 4th Edition .:. CHG .:. “Bonnie” Outfit

TRPH4 for bloggers CHG Bonnie outfitThe Runway Perfect Hunt 4th Edition is coming!!!! Get those fashionable gum shoes out…the Runway Perfect Hunt 4th Edition will be starting May 1st!!!!

Just a sneak preview to wet your appetite TRPH4 .:. CHG .:. “Bonnie” Outfit!  The amazing TRPH4 CHG Bonnie Outfit comes with everything that you see…skirt, sweater, scarf, gun, bag, shoes, and hat! The details are awesome!!!!

Stay tuned for more previews and Hunt information!!!

photographer and model…me
TRPH4 CHG Bonnie outfit

7 Deadly s{K}ins Vanity and Sloth

7 Deadly s[K]ins Vanity

[7DS] Sloth B4c+ T2 DEF

{7DS} Vanity SkinFair Skin with cleavage

[7DS] Sloth B4c+ T2 DEF

See the beauty of the 7 Deadly s{K}ins.  Before you hails Vanity and Sloth!
Vanity is very much aware of herself and her beauty. Smiling, and now you are too! Sloth will make you want to laze away your time…with her!

To see these skins and more..why not make your way over to 7 Deadly s{K}ins….and become skinfully deadly!

photographer and model….me
7 Deadly s{K}ins Vanity teal background
7 Deadly s{K}ins Sloth purple background

FATAL at MWFW 2013 Tomorrow

New FATAL Logo 512

See FATAL at MWFW 2013, Tuesday, April 23rd, 2013, at the 3-4pm slt Fashion Show.  The new collection is just F A B U L O U S…get out those wallets!!!

Schedule of Events for TUESDAY

11am-12pm SL [Asylum], Razorblade Jacket, Mesh theory, An@archy Ink, & Energie Footwear Fashion Show
3-4pm SL Chinese Takeout/House of London, Fatal, Zanzo, Aitui, Dura, & Adjunct Fashion Show
6-7pm SL Havok Fashion Show

See ya there!!!

MWFW2013 Logo

Teaser Preview-[AD] Creations Troppo Dress Exclusive For The SL Sightsavers Event

[AD] Creations Troppo Dress Exclusive For The SL Sightsavers Event

Whether you are strolling down the French Riviera, casually dining, shopping, or one will mistake you as average when you wear the chic and tantalizing Troppo, [AD] Creations Exclusive Dress Design for the SL Sightsavers Event! Be sure to come and see this deliciously tempting dress and other amazing designs at the SL Sightsavers Event, which opens May 11th!

photographer and model…desireme Fallen
[AD] Creations Troppo Dress Exclusive for SL Sightsavers Event
LaGyo Virginie big fold hat black
Slink Lulu Stilettos Black
P.C; Diamond Pearl Menagerie Earrings

Teaser Preview-Masoom Higher Mesh Gown for SL Sightsavers Event

Masoom Higher  gown mesh

Heads will definitely turn when you arrive wearing this beautiful red carpet worthy Masoom Higher Mesh Gown! This exquisite gown and many other fabulous designs will be available at the SL Sightsavers Event starting May 11th!

photographer and model…desireme Fallen
Masoom Higher Mesh Gown for SL Sightsavers
Glam Affair- I Follow Rivers, in Black
Chop Zuey Black Storm Earrings and Necklace
CoCo Clutch

AZUL Erika and Artemis Gowns

AZUL Erika RR1

AZUL Artemis

You will never be just one of the crowd when you choose your gowns from AZUL! Azul is affordable sophistication at its best! Azul latest releases include Erika and Artemis. Erika is a beautiful pearl colored flowing chiffon gown that has the most delicate of black lace accentuating the upper chest bodice trailing sensually down the chest to the upper left thigh that gives you a tantalizing view of leg. The dress is ultra feminine and a delight to wear. Erika comes in several beautiful colors including a 100 pieces limited edition Coral Erika. This exquisite gown is accessorized using PosESioN Giz 10 and 3 Poses which adds another depth of beauty to this already amazing dress!

Artemis…what can I say! You will feel like a goddess when you wear Artemis by AZUL! This grecian inspired gown worn by me, in the Yellow Tourmaline color, is utterly divine! Artemis is available in several goddess worthy colors. The draping of the gown and that leg revealing split will make you the center of attention! The gown name sake was a huntress in Greek Mythology..perhaps you will become the hunted when you wear Artemis by AZUL! Artemis is brought further to life by the incredible pose by PosESioN Simple Woman Pose 2

photoraphter and model…me
AZUL Erika
AZUL- Eve gloves/Onyx
TuTy’s ADORABLE – Updo hairstyle – Black
Immersive headpiece by Vitabela of Boudoir
Chop Zuey Diamond Drop Earrings
PosESioN Giz 10 and 3 Poses

AZUL Artemis
EMO-tions *SIIRI*/chocolate
Pearl Headdress and Earrings (silver/dark pearl)( by Eshi
PosESioN Simple Woman Pose 2

 PosESioN  Logo


VERO MODERO Tiger Gown_003Who said elegance had to be restrained? You will be anything but tame when you wear the Tiger Gown by Vero Modero! This gown is among the latest must have pieces just released from Vero Modero. Bold colors and stripes are the trends for the season and you will definitely be colorful and boldly chic when you wear the beautiful Tiger Gown by Vero Modero….RAWR!!!

photographer and model…me
Tiger Gown by Vero Modero
blackLiquid MAKEUP – just gloss
blackLiquid MAKEUP – gunmetal glitter shadow
Morgane’s Runway Pose- Helen Zhora 1

Dude for a Day….FATAL MWFW Viva Las Vegas Shark Wannabe Suit

Collage FATAL MWFW Viva Las Vegas Shark WannabeYes, I know I am not a dude….but Fatal Viva Las Vegas Shark Wannabe Suit for Mens Wear Fashion Week was calling to me lol!!! The suit is COOl!!! The details are just hunkalicious! The suit comes with a red shirt and purple striped tie, a kick butt purple and red banded fedora, and a brief case brimming with money!!! Perfect for hooking babes! Strolling the avenue, fashionably gambling or just shFATAL MWFW Viva Las Vegas Shark  Wannabeoting the breeze!

Be sure to make it to Mens Wear Fashion Week and see the very exciting and sexy collection that FATAL will showcase there for Mens fashion Week! Smiling…Ladies get this suit for your man!

The  fantastic men poses that  I used are from the PosESioN  Minimalist Him Set!

photographer an model…me
FATAL MWFW Viva Las Vegas Shark Wannabe Suit

 PosESioN Minimalist Him Set – Poses 3, 5, and 11

Pure Poison Desire For The April Round of Fashion Limited

PP Desire Gold Necklace Set_001r1

PP Desire Silver Necklace Set_001r1

Pure Poison offers Desire…this beautiful necklace set comes in both the Gold and Silver settings to accent your beauty.

Desire is currently available during the April round for Fashion Limited.

Pure Poison Gold and Silver Desire

Fashion Limited.








Ode To Woman

sara dress 070 r1

Soft and curvy
Tall and short,
Vixen, Tramp, or Queen
She is woman first, as she is seen….
and what a woman when she is adorned in the sheer exquisite loveliness that is Sara by Paisley Daisy! Joeys Mesh Sara Sun Flower Sheer Orange Gown is the epitome of femininity! Sara is a sheer chiffon confection of brown, tan, and orange, with splashes of white. The blending of the colors of the sun flowers are very complimentary to most skin tones….absolutely stunning!!! The gown is a floor length sheer, exposed shoulder that is revealed beneath a triangle neck bodice top. It flows from the natural waist sensually and gracefully! The sun flower patterned dress puts me in the mind of those fabulously gorgeous hostess gowns from the early 1970s! You are ever the tempting enchantress in this sheer delight to the eyes! Your intended target won’t know what hit them when you wear Sara by Paisley Daisy! Ode To Woman worn.

You are cordially invited to see this and many other phenomenal and sensual fashions by Paisley Daisy, tomorrow at 10:00 am slt.

photographer and model…me
Joeys Mesh Sara Sun Flower Sheer Orange Gown by Paisley Daisy
invitation by MGB

Snapshot_076 r1

Taxi to the show below

Taxi to the store below

LMD Bethany Romper For April Fashion Limited


LMD Bethany r1

This darling romper from LMD is so cute and perfect for the warm days ahead! Bethany comes in 2 delish summery color choices of pink and lilac. One of the things that I like about the romper is that even though a very modern romper.. it can also, with the proper accessories, be worn as a vintage style! I love the sweater combined with the romper…it has such an impact! Smiles..never to soon to start shopping for that summer wardrobe! You will look so adorable in this!

The LMD Bethany Romper is currently for sale during the April round for Fashion Limited…hurry while there are still quantities available!

photographer and model…me
Bethany Romper by LMD
ES Clear Beach Tote
Slink Lulu Stilettos White

Fashion Limited.

*MESH* Skater Cutie DRAGON by YASUM

YASUM Skater_001r1

This very sexy and attention getting outfit was modeled by me at the AIM Earth Hour Fashion Show, March 30th. It has a very pleasing asian flair to it.  The bra adds even more drama to Dragon and I just love the bra!!! I felt beautiful and sensuous wearing the design on the catwalk! Check it out for yourself and you too will fall in love with Yasum Skater DRAGON!

photographer and model…me
Yasum*MESH* Skater Cutie DRAGON
MANDALA POLLY head Corsage/Black
booN RHN435 hair