LWL Vesuvius Butterfly Gown and PosESioN New Baroque Poses

lwl butterfly dress and PosESioN_007 r1

lwl butterfly dress and PosESioN_006 r1

lwl butterfly dress and PosESioN_004rr1

LWL whose very name is always associated with glamorous designs revealed Vesuvius Butterfly at the famous AVENUE Spring/Summer 2013 Fashion Week this past Sunday. The feather work is exquisite, as no one can do feathers like Faint Paulse! I like that each gown has a particular theme…this one has butterflies, English Garden has flowers, and Sacrifice has a parrot and snake at the shoulders! The gown is truly a piece of art! Just look a the pattern upon the gown….simply amazing! The very name Vesuvius means unextinguished…..the very vision of you will be unending in the minds of those lucky enough to glimpse you! If you wish to stand heads above the crowd and want to make a dramatic entrance, then LWL Vesuvius Butterfly is the gown to make that happen!

I chose the very feminine New Baroque Poses by PosESioN to showcase my gown. I love the drama that poses brings to the hands and arms as they help to give the gift of movement to gown, bringing the design to life! The poses are enchanting…there are 10 poses for the New Baroque Series that you will just love! Why not visit the store new location and try out these graceful poses!

photographer and model…me
LWL Vesuvius Butterfly Gown
PosESioN New Baroque Poses 4,5, and 6




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