The It Girl a B****

Baboom_003r1Look at her beautiful creature, that she is, petulantly pouting, over what…her limo couldn’t drive on the sidewalk, so she wouldn’t have to walk far!!! She was overheard saying that she almost had to wait…and her limo parked at the curb.

You know the type, is immediately ushered to the VIP areas, while you have to wait behind the red ropes hoping to get noticed. Makes you spill your 50.00 dollar drinks and yells at you! Shes a stylist nightmare. This It Girl lets her stylist spend hours planning, pulling, and putting together looks and she wears none of them!!! But you have to admit, this It Girl looks  F A B U L O U S in her Zoe Mesh Glamour Party Dress and she knows it! Her assistant placed a call to Kyra of Baboom Couture when she sees the dress in an ad. The strapless gold dress is a form-fitting sequin that flares out at the above the knee hem line. The simple line of the dress lets the beauty of the fabric be front and center which also allows the dress to be styled in so many different ways. The gorgeous Zoe must be a staple in your wardrobe! Our It Girl sees another patron in her dress and “accidentally” bumps the waiter and causes him to spill Marinara Sauce all over the poor girl. She says oopsie and walks away! You have to admit the It Girl a B**** but she looks amazing in her Zoe Mesh Glamour Party Dress by Baboom Couture!

photorapher and model…me
Zoe Mesh Glamour Party Dress….by Baboom Couture


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