Madame du Barry Would Exhaust The Treasury of France…..

CARLA AZUL_012 r1Madame du Barry certainly would have exhausted the treasury of France to possess such an exquisite creation as Carla by AZUL! If she could find herself transported in time, AZUL would be her destination!

Carla is among the latest releases from AZUL. The delicate lace scallop hem overlay conceals a sumptuous satin underskirt. The gown has a wonderful décolletage that is accented by a large bow. Carla has delicate billowy sleeves that as you move your arms makes them look as graceful as a swan’s neck! The color that I wear is Coral. The gown is available in several delectable colors including a 100 pieces limited Carla Jade.

Carla will not only make a famous courtesan’s heart beat faster, but any modern-day temptress as well! You will look and feel like a princess royale when you wear Carla by AZUL.

photographer and model….me
Carla by AZUL
Madam Pompadour Hair Powder by Boudoir
Burlesque Baroque Hair Attachment by Boudoir
Ling-Ling White Bracelet by Chop Zuey
Kita Kamakura White Kalahari Diamond Necklace by Chop Zuey
Diamonds and Pearl Ring by Paper Couture
MM Powdered Courtier


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