Oscar and Me

Vero Modero oscar dress_005Ladies straight from the catwalks, the latest new trend …Stripes Stripes Stripes!!! Bold patterns mixed with stripes, black and white, colored stripes,….Stripes everywhere! Vero Modero, always a trend leader, tantalizes you with Oscar. Oscar is the latest fabulous new release from Vero Modero! This gown has the sl fashion scene taking note!

Oscar is a black and white striped gown. The bodice has a horizontal striped pattern. The skirt has a mixed pattern of vertical and angled v stripes…just gorgeous! Oscar is perfect for the upcoming summer garden parties, (as it is styled here), entertaining, intimate times, and many social moments! I think that this dress will become one of the season’s most popular looks…I love Oscar!!!! I drooled when I saw this dress!!! So now its Oscar and Me!

photographer and model…me
Oscar by Vero Modero
flower not available
MANDALA Pinecone Earring/red




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