Ode To Woman

sara dress 070 r1

Soft and curvy
Tall and short,
Vixen, Tramp, or Queen
She is woman first, as she is seen….
and what a woman when she is adorned in the sheer exquisite loveliness that is Sara by Paisley Daisy! Joeys Mesh Sara Sun Flower Sheer Orange Gown is the epitome of femininity! Sara is a sheer chiffon confection of brown, tan, and orange, with splashes of white. The blending of the colors of the sun flowers are very complimentary to most skin tones….absolutely stunning!!! The gown is a floor length sheer, exposed shoulder that is revealed beneath a triangle neck bodice top. It flows from the natural waist sensually and gracefully! The sun flower patterned dress puts me in the mind of those fabulously gorgeous hostess gowns from the early 1970s! You are ever the tempting enchantress in this sheer delight to the eyes! Your intended target won’t know what hit them when you wear Sara by Paisley Daisy! Ode To Woman worn.

You are cordially invited to see this and many other phenomenal and sensual fashions by Paisley Daisy, tomorrow at 10:00 am slt.

photographer and model…me
Joeys Mesh Sara Sun Flower Sheer Orange Gown by Paisley Daisy
invitation by MGB

Snapshot_076 r1

Taxi to the show below

Taxi to the store below


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