Image Essentials 24 Hour 50% Off Sale…Hurry LIMITED TIME Only!!!!

50 pc off

Yes, you heard right 50% off all poses and props at Image Essentials!!! She makes awesome and very well made props and poses. Some of you became acquainted with her work from the Hollywood Event Prop she made called IE-Stairs to the Stars..wasnt that just F A B U L O U S…its on sale too!!! New the time to start to build up your props and poses! Texture backgrounds are NOT included in the sale.

Stairs to The Stars_002

50% off ALL PROPS AND POSES FEMALE – MALE – COUPLES – GROUP,  at Image Essentials until midnight,  FRIDAY, April 26th

Grab the lm and check out these great bargains that are available for a LIMITED TIME only.
DONT FORGET TO JOIN THE SUBSCRIBER….to get updates and freebies, no group spot needed!
Feel free to slap it (no group spot needed) You never know what might interest you….dont forget to join Nikki’s subscriber at Demise of Flight and Ally’s at Something New.

Group members of Image Essentials get to use the amazing scenic photo prop packed sims too!



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