Just Cause You Are At Home…

TorMe Designs Mesh Yellow Floral  Ruffle Blouse & Trousers_013r1r3

Having been a model now also 10 months..you learn a few things, laughs! One….you never leave your home looking tore up from the floor up!!! When your profile screams model all over, other residents hold you to a different standard, smiling. They read your profile and make verbal comments too! A lot of non model residents love to critique models for some reason. I asked one of my non model friends why and she said because that’s our job to look good no matter what, when, and where..lol

I have many saved outfits but lately SL has been so troublesome, at times, making changing clothes nearly impossible! Friends send random tps, last-minute get together/activities, etc.  So when at home, I try to dress casual yet still with great style! TorMe Designs Mesh Yellow Floral Ruffle Blouse & Trousers allows me to accomplish that and is a perfect outfit for at home, and other places of course! But for these unexpected events or running to a sale/errand, just like now on a whim, I am at the Truth Hair Sale lol! You are casual yet very chic! The black satin lounge pants and yellow floral blouse with the  cute black bow under the breast line are very flattering and helps me to still look polished and beautiful even at home! The set is available in several other blouse color combinations. Why not check out TorMe Designs and see what other delectable delights she has waiting just for you! Just cause you are at home, smiling, you don’t have look like something the cat dragged in! 

The awesome pose that I am using is *PosESioN* Giz 9.  

photographer and model….me
TorMe Designs Mesh Yellow Floral Ruffle Blouse Trousers
MANDALA kimono head accessory set (Rushana & polly)
Faenzo – UFFIE Hair
*PosESioN* Giz 9



 PosESioN  Logo


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