PREVIEW PREVIEW PREVIEW…. The Runway Perfect Hunt 4th Edition TRPH4 22769 Casual Couture

22769 ~ [femme] for Runway Perfect Hunt 4_003R1

THE Runway Perfect Hunt 4th Edition will start tonight at midnight slt!!! A sneak preview to spur you on your way comes from amazing 22769 Casual Couture! He has created for the hunt the 22769 ~ [femme] Red and Black Brocade Dress.

If you are a new model or just want to be fab, this hunt is for you! There are all sorts of items for modeling and just looking great such as clothes, makeup, accessories, poses etc., There are 50 awesome and very talented designers for this hunt! Come on out, it all starts at midnight, slt!

The pose that makes me look  just fabulous is the PosESioN  New Baroque 9 Pose!!!                                                         

Happy Hunting!!! 

photographer and
22769 ~ [femme]Brocade Dress for Runway Perfect Hunt 4
PosESioN New Baroque 9 Pose
 PosESioN  Logo   




Note that this edition gifts are 5L each.

Please join the group if you wish to help other hunters or get help.

The Runway Perfect Hunt!


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