Demise of Flight Corset Lolita,Wild Jeans, and PosESioN

Demise of Flight Corset Lolita and Snake Jeans_013r1

Jeans r1

Love Love Love the new Lolita Corset and Wild Jeans by Demise of Flight!!! The corset has a texture changer hud and has 8 texture choices! The Wild Jeans are available in Zebra, Cheetah, Snake, and Tiger. The textures are awesome!!! Animal skins and corsets…ROCK!!!! I am very picky about my jeans and the fit of these jeans are among the best and has detailed stitching!!!  Animal skins are always trending and are never off the runway!

The god of movement, grace, and boldness, PosESioN’s Dahriel, is celebrating his rezzday, May 8th!!!! Well…he wants to make an offer for all of us ladies!! He has put 4 SETS for ONLY 200L each one, ONLY TODAY!!!, there are 30 items available of each set!! So if you don’t have them yet, this is your opportunity!!!

I purchased the Spanish and Star Sets…love them and the price!!! The Spanish has 12 poses and the Star has 10. These poses are normally 80 lindens each!!! So be sure to stop by Demise of Flight and PosESioN!

photographer and model…me
Demise of Flight Corset Lolita and Wild Jeans Snake
*PosESioN* Star Pose 6
*PosESioN* Spanish Pose 4

 PosESioN  Logo


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