PREVIEW PREVIEW PREVIEW….The Runway Perfect Hunt 4th Edition WetCat and Bubbles Bubble’s Designs






Where’s the shoes??? A stylist’s worst nightmare…a drunk model who has lost the client’s product!!! Look at her….she can’t even make it to the! The Runway Perfect Hunt 4th Edition has started and is very successful! The Hunt runs through May 31st and brings you such affordable and well made designs to help you in your career or just to be fabulous! Back to my preview! Such a scene, as described above, can be easily photographed thanks to the awesome WetCat “BackStage Glamour” Props! Both the Makeup Vanity and Clothes Rack have 5 poses each. Name me a place where you can get such an excellent made prop such as these for only 5 lindens!!!

The exquisite dress you see our drunk model wearing is another amazing hunt prize from Bubble’s Designs named POEMS. Such a unique and visionary gown! The bodice actually have the words to the Poem as part of the design! it is sensually stimulating to the senses, as it reveals and exposes. Show me where you can do better for 5 lindens…dare you!!!!

Happy Hunting!!!

photographer and model…me
Bubble’s Designs POEMS
WetCat “BackStage Glamour” Props

The starting location for this hunt is

Hints for gift location can be found from this website:

Note that this edition gifts are 5L each.

Please join the group inworld group if you wish to help other hunters or get help.

The Runway Perfect Hunt


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