PosESioN First Aniversary 50% Off Celebration Sale

PosESioN First Aniversary 50% Off!!!

PosESioN wanted to express his appreciation to his customers, staff, and friends! He is truly really happy and proud to be with all of us in celebrating his first year anniversary with PosESioN!!! He hopes this year, is the first of many more to come, always and foremost with service and devotion to you!

PosESioN wishes to thank Wicca Merlin, LovelyMiwako and Aiecks Resident, for all of your support and lovely friendship, and of course to all of you!!!!! Thanks to you, we can be here!

And to celebrate this event…

* he has the whole store at 50% Off!!! Single Poses included!

* Also, you can find new and exclusive sets of poses for men/women and new jewelry, for these… ONLY 50 items for sale of each at discounted sales prices!!!

This offer will end June 4th, so…. you have 2 weeks!!!!!

Thanks you all, for your support!



 PosESioN  Logo


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