HOME & GARDEN EXPO 2013 Featuring Terra’s Closet Retro Dining Set (Relay for Life)

!TC! Retro Dining Set (Relay for Life)_009

Terra’s Closet Retro Dining Set is a really cool dining set!  You can use this as a prop for  photography  or even fit it into your home builds ! The chairs have single sitting and eating animations. The table has couples and romance animations. It even has a placemat settings and a food menu!  I love the retro vibe that this has…. so 1950s! I want to be Donna Reed!!! The clock works and has a menu that you can control various functions like  texture, color, glow, etc.  Also, the set can be resized as well!

You must make  Terra’s Closet a must see as you tour the Expo and  demo this fun set! Its purchase benefits such a worthy cause so buy buy buy!


100 exhibitors plus of the very best and latest in homes, gardens, landscaping and interior design products available in Second Life, plus an additional 30 creators from the popular breedables sector in the second annual Breedables Fair. The Home & Garden Expo for Relay For Life 2013 is a fund raising event you must attend!

The Expo is filled with a full entertainment schedule, hunts, raffles and silent auctions plus items designed just for this event! whatever you are desiring for your home, you can find here!

This year’s Expo will feature 8 regions full of home products, 2 sims just for the breedables fair and 1 entertainment sim where you can take a break from shopping and party in style! COME…there is going to be a lot to see and do at this year’s Expo! The Expo runs from May 24th to June 2nd 2013

For full information and all the latest updates, please visit the Home and Garden Expo


Terra’s Closet Retro Dining Set
Home Expo 2013 Logo


One response

  1. Jon Spear

    That is beautiful! Terra is a magician 🙂

    June 5, 2013 at 10:52 pm

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